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2016-03-29Remove UNRELEASED tag from Mitaka release notesAdam Gandelman
2016-03-18Add clustering capabilities to instance managerAdam Gandelman
2016-03-18Adds ability to run appliance with user-specified drivers/imagesAdam Gandelman
2016-03-07Remove external network hooks and auto-added resourcesMark McClain
2016-02-01Add variable MTU support to the orchestrator.Mark McClain
2016-01-25Cleanup SM management during rebalance events. Gandelman
2016-01-25Merge "Push orchestrator config into the appliance"Jenkins
2016-01-25Merge "Cleanup deleted resource from the tenant resource cache"Jenkins
2016-01-25Push orchestrator config into the applianceAdam Gandelman
2016-01-25Fix 'astara-ctl browse' can't rebuild routershengzhang
2016-01-25Cleanup deleted resource from the tenant resource cacheAdam Gandelman
2016-01-22Merge "Filter the 'leader' member from cluster membership list"Jenkins
2016-01-19Filter the 'leader' member from cluster membership listAdam Gandelman
2016-01-18Automatically generate etc/orchestrator.ini filexiayu
2016-01-14Merge "Astara oslo.rootwrap"Jenkins
2016-01-13Astara oslo.rootwrapxiayu
2016-01-08Merge "Fixed astara-ctl ssh command"Jenkins
2016-01-05Fixed astara-ctl ssh commandEric Lopez
2016-01-05Merge "Fixes logging in astara-debug-router"Jenkins
2015-12-22Fixes logging in astara-debug-routerAdam Gandelman
2015-12-18Merge "Dynamically allocate service port addresses"Jenkins
2015-12-11Deprecate usage of amqp_url in favor of oslo.messaging backend configAdam Gandelman
2015-12-11Dynamically allocate service port addressesAdam Gandelman
2015-12-11Adds reno for release notes managementAdam Gandelman