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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-04-14Remove APIParamsCall referencesMark McClain
2016-03-18Adds ability to run appliance with user-specified drivers/imagesAdam Gandelman
2016-03-08Merge "Remove external network hooks and auto-added resources"Jenkins
2016-03-07Remove external network hooks and auto-added resourcesMark McClain
2016-03-02Add logstash files for log parsingDavid Wahlstrom
2016-01-30Update test suite for keystone V3Adam Gandelman
2016-01-21Enrich functional test suiteAdam Gandelman
2016-01-18Automatically generate etc/orchestrator.ini filexiayu
2015-12-04Step 3 of module renameMark McClain
2015-10-15devstack: move neutron restart earlier, bump functional test appliance active...Adam Gandelman
2015-06-08Wait for a configured test router to become activeAdam Gandelman
2015-05-12Seed a functional test suite with a basic health checkAdam Gandelman
2015-05-11Add tools/run_functional.shAdam Gandelman