AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-08-26Clean config.js and remove containerHEADmasterVincent Fournier
2015-08-24Improve code namingVincent Fournier
2015-08-24Add HTML5 notificationsVincent Fournier
2015-08-20Added 'N' option is getoptv0.16.2aviau
2015-08-20Fixed relative linkv0.16.1aviau
2015-08-19Set production defaultv0.16.0Vincent Fournier
2015-08-19Fix search-filter and remove useless propertiesVincent Fournier
2015-08-19Merge "Improve variable name"Jenkins
2015-08-19Improve variable nameflavien peyre
2015-08-19Font awesome available in productionflavien peyre
2015-08-19Merge "Add all config object page"Jenkins
2015-08-18Fix checkbox bugVincent Fournier
2015-08-18Add all config object pageflavien peyre
2015-08-17Rename files to conform with standardVincent Fournier
2015-08-17Add single cell and modify configVincent Fournier
2015-08-14Merge "Add generic tables"Jenkins
2015-08-14Add generic tablesVincent Fournier
2015-08-14 Add directive textAreaflavien peyre
2015-08-14Add container directiveVincent Fournier
2015-08-14Remove templates service and hostVincent Fournier
2015-08-13 Refactoring info panelflavien peyre
2015-08-12Add pagingSize inside layout configflavien peyre
2015-08-12Merge "Fix bug that prevent saving layout"v0.15.0Jenkins
2015-08-11Add paging in actionbarflavien peyre
2015-08-10Merge "Config host and config Template pages"Jenkins
2015-08-10Config host and config Template pagesflavien peyre
2015-08-10Prepare graphs in service and host viewsThibault Cohen
2015-08-10Fix bug that prevent saving layoutVincent Fournier
2015-08-09Add theme size optionsVincent Fournier
2015-08-06Fixed typo: Flag detection -> Flap detectionaviau
2015-08-03Implement topbarVincent Fournier
2015-07-31Fix bug where layout was not in productionVincent Fournier
2015-07-31Add refresh options in config.jsonVincent Fournier
2015-07-30Rename developmentConfig.json => config.jsonVincent Fournier
2015-07-30Rename config.json => defaultLayoutConfig.jsonVincent Fournier
2015-07-30Add option to specify surveil api urlVincent Fournier
2015-07-29Improve application configurationVincent Fournier
2015-07-21Add edit configuration pageflavien peyre
2015-07-16Merge "Refactoring of single table and generic actionbar"Jenkins
2015-07-16Refactoring of single table and generic actionbarVincent Fournier
2015-07-16Merge "Ignore errors on 'make remove'"Jenkins
2015-07-16Refactoring of tableVincent Fournier
2015-07-16Ignore errors on 'make remove'aviau
2015-07-10Fix grafana init scriptThibault Cohen
2015-07-10Merge "Add actionbar following and refactoring"Jenkins
2015-07-10Merge "Fix login page style"Jenkins
2015-07-10Merge "Makefile: remove before daemon and production"Jenkins
2015-07-10Makefile: remove before daemon and productionaviau
2015-07-10Add list of all other data for eventsVincent Fournier
2015-07-10Fix login page styleThibault Cohen