AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-08import zuul job settings from project-configHEADmasterDoug Hellmann
2018-08-30Add stein specs to tocAde Lee
2018-07-27add stein directoryAde Lee
2018-06-08fix tox python3 overrideszhulingjie
2018-05-13Trivial: update url to new urlXiaojueGuan
2018-02-08Modify grammatical errorsmelissaml
2017-08-08Specs rolling upgrade for BarbicanNam Nguyen Hoai
2017-06-15Ignore some files during running toxNam Nguyen Hoai
2017-01-03Merge "Fix a spelling error"Jenkins
2017-01-03Merge "Show team and repo badges on README"Jenkins
2016-11-25Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco
2016-11-23Fix a spelling errorbailinzhang
2016-10-23Changed the home-page of barbican-specs in setup.cfgnizam
2016-08-22Adding spec for supporting multiple secret store backendsArun Kant
2016-06-09Blueprint for adding Date filters to the Secrets APIDouglas Mendizábal
2016-06-06Merge "Add support for modifying Generic Containers"Jenkins
2016-06-01Add support for modifying Generic ContainersDouglas Mendizábal
2016-05-03Blueprint for Deployer Secret MetadataFernando Diaz
2016-02-23Merge "Add a KMIP key manager interface in Castellan"Jenkins
2016-02-22Add a KMIP key manager interface in CastellanChris Solis
2016-02-08Merge "Adding a barbican-manage command"Jenkins
2016-01-20Allow different Keystone Auth Support in Castellan“Fernando
2016-01-19Merge "Create Blueprint for database cleanup cron job"Jenkins
2016-01-18Blueprint defining user defined metadata for Barbican SecretsFernando Diaz
2016-01-13Create Blueprint for database cleanup cron jobElvin Tubillara
2016-01-12Adding a barbican-manage commandJeff Feng
2015-10-05Merge "Update Project Quotas design spec"Jenkins
2015-09-22Fix the sphinx build path in .gitignore filevenkatamahesh
2015-08-18Update Project Quotas design specDave McCowan
2015-08-08Merge "Update template for client impact"Jenkins
2015-08-07Merge "Update Quota Blueprint Spec with New Details"Jenkins
2015-08-06Update Quota Blueprint Spec with New DetailsDave McCowan
2015-08-06Update template for client impactSteve Heyman
2015-08-06Reordering project spec listLisa Clark
2015-07-31Add CA enrollment templates spec addedAde Lee
2015-07-07Merge "Added spec for add-cas"Jenkins
2015-07-02Use underscores instead of dashes as word separators in API resource namesDave McCowan
2015-06-23Merge "Spec for adding audit capability using CADF specification."Jenkins
2015-06-22Spec for adding audit capability using CADF specification.Arun Kant
2015-06-22Merge "Add List of Group-IDs to ACL for Secrets/Containers"Jenkins
2015-06-18Added spec for add-casAde Lee
2015-06-15Add List of Group-IDs to ACL for Secrets/Containersjfwood
2015-06-13Merge "Add PUT Support For the Generic Containers Resource"Jenkins
2015-06-12Merge "Add Quota support for Barbican resources"Jenkins
2015-06-11Add PUT Support For the Generic Containers Resourcejfwood
2015-06-10Merge "Add spec for transport key reference"Jenkins
2015-06-10Merge "Add Crypto/HSM MKEK Rotation Support (Light)"Jenkins
2015-06-02Add Quota support for Barbican resourcesDave McCowan
2015-06-01Add spec for transport key referenceAde Lee
2015-05-27Add Crypto/HSM MKEK Rotation Support (Light)jfwood