AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysfix tox python3 overridesHEADmasterDoug Hellmann
8 daysMerge "Follow the new PTI for document build"Zuul
12 daysFollow the new PTI for document buildNguyen Van Trung
13 daysMerge "Add devstack gate for vault"
13 daysMerge "Remove CA API policy file"Zuul
13 daysMerge "Remove unused policy rules"Zuul
14 daysImplement OVO for Barbican [2]Kien Nguyen
2018-06-05Remove unused policy rulesJuan Antonio Osorio Robles
2018-06-04Merge "update some documents about the keystone "API v2.0""Zuul
2018-06-04Merge "Commit DB changes on API startup"Zuul
2018-06-04Merge "Implement OVO for Barbican [1]"Zuul
2018-06-05Implement OVO for Barbican [1]Nam Nguyen Hoai
2018-06-05Initial OVO for BarbicanNam Nguyen Hoai
2018-06-04Merge "Initial OVO for Barbican"Zuul
2018-06-04Remove CA API policy fileJuan Antonio Osorio Robles
2018-06-04Merge "Update the version of Ubuntu"Zuul
2018-06-03Merge "Remove pycrypto dependency"Zuul
2018-06-03Merge "TrivialFix: Update block code to be more beautiful"Zuul
2018-06-03Imported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-06-02Merge "Update http links for doc migration"Zuul
2018-06-02Merge "Fix docs build in tox.ini"Zuul
2018-06-01Fix broken gate due to breaking dependency changesAde Lee
2018-06-01Commit DB changes on API startupVladyslav Drok
2018-06-01TrivialFix: Update block code to be more beautifulNam Nguyen Hoai
2018-05-30Update the version of UbuntuNam Nguyen Hoai
2018-05-22Add devstack gate for vaultAde Lee
2018-05-17Remove pycrypto dependencyAde Lee
2018-05-15Merge "Castellan based secret store"Zuul
2018-05-14Merge "Enforce usage of oslo.context's project_id"Zuul
2018-05-14Fix docs build in tox.inihuangshan
2018-05-14Castellan based secret storeAde Lee
2018-05-12update some documents about the keystone "API v2.0"wu.chunyang
2018-05-11Update http links for doc migrationhuangshan
2018-05-05Imported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-05-02Merge "Stop using legacy-fedora-27"Zuul
2018-05-01Stop using legacy-fedora-27Paul Belanger
2018-04-27Remove pycrypto from dogtag pluginAde Lee
2018-04-23Enforce usage of oslo.context's project_idJuan Antonio Osorio Robles
2018-04-20Merge "Imported Translations from Zanata"
2018-04-20Merge "fix lower constraints"Zuul
2018-04-19Imported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-04-17fix lower constraintsDoug Hellmann
2018-04-16Merge "Update the link in database_migrations.rst"Zuul
2018-04-16Merge "Set debug mode according to ENABLE_DEBUG_LOG_LEVEL"Zuul
2018-04-16Merge "Use assertRegex instead of assertRegexpMatches"Zuul
2018-04-16Merge "Update auth_uri option to www_authenticate_uri"Zuul
2018-04-16Merge "Configure control_exchange to match keystone"Zuul
2018-04-13Merge "Add os-testr as test dependency"Zuul
2018-04-13Configure control_exchange to match keystoneJeremy Liu
2018-04-12Merge "Initialize db for Barbican Keystone listener"Zuul