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Add possibility to use proper public URLs for endpointsHEADmaster
This fixes Ironic configuration when Keystone is enabled. Without this fix, provisioning of nodes will stop after waiting for further informations as IPA will be using default address ( because proper values are not present in Ironic database. Change-Id: I4c733dba8e65fe624c9de5b9c5722cef2df59109
Notes (review): Code-Review+2: Dmitry Tantsur <> Code-Review+2: Julia Kreger <> Workflow+1: Julia Kreger <> Verified+2: Zuul Submitted-by: Zuul Submitted-at: Tue, 25 Sep 2018 03:39:03 +0000 Reviewed-on: Project: openstack/bifrost Branch: refs/heads/master
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