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2017-08-11Merge "Centralize user documentation"Jenkins
2017-08-11Centralize user documentationJulia Kreger
2017-08-11Removing ssh driver referencesJulia Kreger
2017-07-25Fix tools/vagrant_dev_env/vagrant.ymlC├ędric Ollivier
2016-11-08Add instructions to setup ip on provisiong on virshYolanda Robla Mota
2016-10-17Add instructions to deploy bifrost on virshYolanda Robla Mota
2016-08-15Change Vagrant VM to mirror memory/cpu in CIJulia Kreger
2016-06-06Make ansible installation directory configurableGanesh Maharaj Mahalingam
2016-03-16add scripts/README and tools/READMEDevananda van der Veen
2015-12-01Fix Download get-pip play in vagrant.ymlHimanshu Garg
2015-10-15Migrate playbooks to use 'become'stephane
2015-10-04Stop using distro setuptools and easy_installMonty Taylor
2015-07-23Vagrantfile and vagrant.yml for testingDevananda van der Veen
2015-07-02Correct legacy VM creation script to specify driverJulia Kreger
2015-05-26Add ability to write CSV filestephane
2015-03-27Changing testing to utilize roleJulia Kreger