path: root/requirements.txt
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-31Initial fork from gertty -> boarttyJames E. Blair
2016-03-08Use diff long options and uncap GitPythonDavid Shrewsbury
2016-02-17Fix diff crash on perm-only changesJames E. Blair
2016-02-12Do not use GitPython 1.0.2James E. Blair
2015-05-27Update PBR requirement to >=0.11James E. Blair
2015-05-26Add support for SQLAlchemy 1.0.4James E. Blair
2015-03-20Add missing requirement for sixPaul Belanger
2015-03-11Upgrade to requests 2.5.3James E. Blair
2015-01-07Do not use urwid 1.3.0James E. Blair
2014-12-23Do not use requests 2.5.0Ian Cordasco
2014-09-09Update alembic requirementsJames E. Blair
2014-08-01Merge "Depend on SQLAlchemy 0.9.4 or greater"Jenkins
2014-08-01Support (most of) gerrit search syntaxJames E. Blair
2014-07-15Depend on SQLAlchemy 0.9.4 or greaterRobbie Harwood (frozencemetery)
2014-05-30Re-add alembic to requirementsJames E. Blair
2014-05-27Change config file to YAMLJames E. Blair
2014-05-27Add alembic to requirementsMonty Taylor
2014-05-03Add a pbr compatible setupJoshua Harlow
2014-04-29Add ordereddict requirementJoshua Harlow
2014-04-29Initial commitJames E. Blair