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masterCI using custom node fileagopi31 hours
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31 hoursCI using custom node fileHEADmasteragopi
9 daysLatest version of pykwalify has issues with strings in Pythonakrzos
10 daysMerge "Generate Hostfile support multiple compute types"Zuul
11 daysGenerate Hostfile support multiple compute typesJoe Talerico
11 daysAdd networker hostgroup and collectd configakrzos
2018-03-02Add git to dependencies for installing Browbeat on RHEL/CentOSJakub Sitnicki
2018-02-27Merge "Transition to GrafYaml for Dashboard Storage"Zuul
2018-02-27Adjust Microcode via rpmakrzos
2018-02-27Transition to GrafYaml for Dashboard Storageakrzos
2018-02-22Removing the use of current-passed-ci.yml filesagopi