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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-01Add config option for Barbican endpoint typeEllen Batbouta
2017-11-22Include domain info when creating identity token0.15.1Alan Bishop
2017-09-18Merge "Add ID to managed objects"Jenkins
2017-08-31Add ID to managed objectsKaitlin Farr
2017-08-08Append a forward slash to the base_urlKaitlin Farr
2017-07-28Rename barbican client importKaitlin Farr
2017-07-28Merge "Fix retrieving barbican endpoint from service catalog"Jenkins
2017-07-19Fix retrieving barbican endpoint from service catalogPaul Bourke
2017-07-19Replace LOG.warn with LOG.warningyushangbin
2017-07-18Add list capabilityKaitlin Farr
2017-07-03Remove log
2017-04-19Change keystone endpointKaitlin Farr
2017-02-06Add ability to get only metadataKaitlin Farr
2017-01-31Remove outdated commentKaitlin Farr
2017-01-21Merge "Add option for verifying TLS (https) requests"Jenkins
2017-01-08Add option for verifying TLS (https) requestsKaitlin Farr
2016-12-02Use generic keystoneauth plugin identity interfacesJuan Antonio Osorio Robles
2016-11-01remove obsolete oslo incubator codeSteve Martinelli
2016-09-23Use international logging messageJiong Liu
2016-06-01Use keystoneauth1 instead of keystoneclientJamie Lennox
2016-03-01Allow Barbican Key Manager to accept different auth credentialsFernando Diaz
2016-02-05Merge "Add logic to error out of key creation if order errors out"Jenkins
2016-02-05Merge "Add created property to Managed Objects"Jenkins
2016-02-02Add created property to Managed Objects“Fernando
2016-01-13Add logic to error out of key creation if order errors outKaitlin Farr
2015-12-09Move line of code to ensure context and client stay in syncDave McCowan
2015-10-05Merge "Add name to Castellan Objects and Barbican Key Manager"Jenkins
2015-10-02Add name to Castellan Objects and Barbican Key ManagerFernando Diaz
2015-09-21Add ManagedObjectNotFoundErrorKaitlin Farr
2015-09-14Standardize Barbican error messagesKaitlin Farr
2015-08-31Update Barbican wrapperKaitlin Farr
2015-08-12Remove copy_key operationJoel Coffman
2015-08-12refactoring castellan configurationMichael McCune
2015-08-10Update the key manager APIKaitlin Farr
2015-08-07Add managed objects hierarchyKaitlin Farr
2015-07-05Add Barbican key managerKaitlin Farr