BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Fix documentation url 404 error."Zuul3 weeks
stable/newtonretrieve project id to ignore from keystoneMehdi Abaakouk6 months
stable/ocataretrieve project id to ignore from keystoneMehdi Abaakouk6 months
stable/pikeUpdate .gitreview for stable/pikeOpenStack Release Bot5 months
liberty-eolcommit 24a26d73c8...Joshua Hesketh3 months
0.5.2commit 4252674cbd...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
1.0.3commit 387c1797c5...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
mitaka-eolcommit fb5c193978...Joshua Hesketh5 months
0.4.1commit 627125bf88...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
1.1.0commit 0cea730b10...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
1.0.2commit f311cd211e...OpenStack Release Bot9 months
1.0.1commit 6ba005fa6b...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
0.5.1commit a170716d3f...OpenStack Release Bot13 months
1.0.0commit 87bd49b62e...OpenStack Release Bot13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-11-28Merge "Fix documentation url 404 error."HEADmasterZuul
2017-11-23Fix documentation url 404 error.Yuanbin.Chen
2017-11-17Remove setting of version/release from releasenotesAndreas Jaeger
2017-07-28Update reno for stable/pikeOpenStack Release Bot
2017-06-23Fix default service project to "service"Julien Danjou
2017-05-19retrieve project id to ignore from keystoneMehdi Abaakouk
2017-04-03Switch to get_notification_transport for Notifier1.1.0Andrew Smith
2017-02-21Merge "switch to topics when declaring notifier"1.0.1Jenkins
2017-02-21Trivial: remove support for py34Hanxi Liu
2017-02-16switch to topics when declaring notifiergord chung