AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-19Rebuild for sync charm-helpersHEADmasterDavid Ames
2017-12-05Add Bionic and remove Zesty series and testsRyan Beisner
2017-11-17Ensure that venv is usedAlex Kavanagh
2017-11-16update tests to enable pikeChris MacNaughton
2017-10-03Update requirements for git charmhelpersRyan Beisner
2017-09-26Add Artful dev series metadataRyan Beisner
2017-08-23Remove deprecated series metadata and testsRyan Beisner
2017-08-09Modify tests.yaml which specifies bundletester config paramsAndrew McLeod
2017-07-24Update tests to use keystoneauth1David Ames
2017-05-25Updates for pike b1James Page
2017-05-24Use charms.openstack charmhelpers test_mocksAlex Kavanagh
2017-04-27Enable Zesty-Ocata Amulet TestsDavid Ames
2017-03-21Enable Ocata Amulet TestsDavid Ames
2016-12-08Update readmeRyan Beisner
2016-12-08Update Amulet defs, series metadata and c-h syncRyan Beisner
2016-11-28Update tox.ini for py27 requirementRyan Beisner
2016-10-13Update amulet test definitionsRyan Beisner
2016-10-05Fix func27-smoke which failsAlex Kavanagh
2016-09-06Update tox.ini files from release-tools gold copyRyan Beisner
2016-08-10Add amulet/bundle tests to charm-barbican-softhsmAlex Kavanagh
2016-08-03Add .gitreview and clean up repoRyan Beisner
2016-07-13Update the charm to work with renamed barbican-hsm interfaceAlex Kavanagh
2016-07-13Remove py27 from tox.ini as not neededAlex Kavanagh
2016-07-13Renamed the softhsm_plugin to softhsmAlex Kavanagh
2016-07-12Charm with unit testsAlex Kavanagh
2016-06-23Initial commit of basic softhsm plugin charmAlex Kavanagh