BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSync charm-helpers to ensure Rocky supportChris MacNaughton3 days
stable/16.04Resync stable charm-helpersJames Page2 years
stable/16.07Fix Keystone v3 integration for Mitaka+Liam Young22 months
stable/16.10Updates for stable branch creationJames Page21 months
stable/17.02Cast time-to-live values to intBilly Olsen14 months
stable/17.08Drop use of openstack OCF resourcesJames Page10 months
stable/17.11Sync charm-helpersDavid Ames6 months
stable/18.02Updates for stable branch 18.02 creationDavid Ames4 months
stable/18.05Updates for stable branch creationDavid Ames5 weeks
stable/16.01commit 09100f95b6...James Page2 years
16.01commit 0afcf4e458...James Page2 years
15.10commit a559ab7a10...Liam Young3 years
15.07commit 71e8838fa6...Liam Young3 years
15.04commit ddb34674cd...Liam Young3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysSync charm-helpers to ensure Rocky supportHEADmasterChris MacNaughton
4 daysAdd py36 testenvNguyen Van Duc
5 daysUpdate series metadataRyan Beisner
2018-06-04Update tests to use Juju storageChris MacNaughton
2018-05-30Register pipeline conf in quuens+Liam Young
2018-05-11Merge "Add warning-level log message for wrong identity relation"Zuul
2018-05-11Merge "Enable Bionic as a gate test"Zuul
2018-05-09Remove deprecated functional test targetsRyan Beisner
2018-05-09Enable Bionic as a gate testDavid Ames
2018-05-09Merge "Add support for remote consumers of Ceilometer event data."Zuul