AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
28 hoursRebuild for sync charm-helpersHEADmasterRyan Beisner
2018-01-19Rebuild for sync charm-helpersDavid Ames
2017-12-11Make xenial-pike the default smoke testDavid Ames
2017-12-05Add Bionic and remove Zesty series and testsRyan Beisner
2017-10-18Update amulet test definitionsRyan Beisner
2017-10-03Update requirements for git charmhelpersRyan Beisner
2017-09-27Add Artful dev series metadataRyan Beisner
2017-09-27Remove keyring from expected ceph.confChris MacNaughton
2017-08-23Remove deprecated series metadata and testsRyan Beisner
2017-08-15Merge "Modify tests.yaml which specifies bundletester config params with the ...Jenkins
2017-08-10Merge "Remove reference to old config yaml"Jenkins
2017-08-09Modify tests.yaml which specifies bundletester config paramsAndrew McLeod
2017-07-31Update charm iconRyan Beisner
2017-07-31Remove reference to old config yamlRyan Beisner
2017-05-03Enable Zesty-Ocata Amulet TestsDavid Ames
2017-03-21Merge "Force a rebuild after interface-ceph-mds change."Jenkins
2017-03-21Merge "Enable Ocata Amulet Tests"Jenkins
2017-03-21Force a rebuild after interface-ceph-mds change.Jorge Niedbalski
2017-03-20Enable Ocata Amulet TestsDavid Ames
2017-03-16Force a charmhelpers sync to 0.14.0.Jorge Niedbalski
2017-02-21Remove ceph-base layerChris MacNaughton
2017-02-13General tidy of charm ready for releaseJames Page
2017-02-09Public Network SupportChris Holcombe
2017-01-06Add .gitreview and clean up repoRyan Beisner
2016-10-26Add actions to set,get and remove quotasChris Holcombe
2016-10-21Add relation param to setup_mdsChris Holcombe
2016-10-06WIP to use ceph_brokerChris Holcombe
2016-09-20Add status update messagesChris Holcombe
2016-09-20Use socket.gethostname instead of letters for mds namesChris Holcombe
2016-09-19Service crashes with wrong mds name but everything else worksChris Holcombe
2016-09-15nearly completeChris MacNaughton
2016-08-03Add ceph_apiChris Holcombe
2016-06-30initial commitChris MacNaughton