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2018-06-06Release notes for 18.05 release.James Page
2018-05-24Merge "Update charms list and classifications"Zuul
2018-05-09Merge "Update auth_uri option to www_authenticate_uri"Zuul
2018-04-18Merge "Update release notes template ot match current format"Zuul
2018-04-17Update auth_uri option to www_authenticate_urimelissaml
2018-04-06Update charms list and classificationsRyan Beisner
2018-04-04Update openstack-on-lxd doc for QueensRyan Beisner
2018-03-30Merge "Update openstack-on-lxd section"Zuul
2018-03-28Merge "Guide to ppa:juju/stable instead of devel"Zuul
2018-03-19Merge "Update links in README"Zuul
2018-03-10Update release notes template ot match current formatRyan Beisner
2018-03-09Add 18.02 release notesRyan Beisner
2018-03-02Update links in READMEwangqi
2018-02-28Guide to ppa:juju/stable instead of develNobuto Murata
2018-02-28Fix url for mailing-listmelissaml
2018-02-28Merge "fix link"Zuul
2018-02-28Merge "Update home-page url"Zuul
2018-02-27Update release schedule for 18.02 charmsRyan Beisner
2018-02-26Update home-page urlmelissaml
2018-02-23fix linkwangqi
2018-02-01Use HTTPS where appropriateNobuto Murata
2018-01-16Update openstack-on-lxd sectionAndrew McLeod
2018-01-15Add release notes template and improve formatEdward Hope-Morley
2018-01-12Update openstack-on-lxd sectionAndrew McLeod
2018-01-01Fix typos in title messageEdward Hope-Morley
2017-12-06Update known issue for arm64 and 17.11 releaseRyan Beisner
2017-11-30Add 17.11 release notesRyan Beisner
2017-11-27Add deploy guide link and release schedulesRyan Beisner
2017-11-27Update release cadenceJames Page
2017-10-04Fixes typos in Optimizing Reactive HandlersSandor Zeestraten
2017-09-29Add thedac to the rotasDavid Ames
2017-09-13Fixes typo in 17.08 release noteSandor Zeestraten
2017-09-12Add known issue for ceph rbd compatibilityJames Page
2017-09-12Add 17.08 release notes.James Page
2017-09-04Add gnuoy charm review & bug triage rotasLiam Young
2017-08-22Merge "Update "unpriviledged" to "unprivileged" in doc"Jenkins
2017-08-22modify some misspellingsliangcui
2017-08-22Update "unpriviledged" to "unprivileged" in
2017-08-18Merge "Add charm author guide around minimising handler activity"Jenkins
2017-08-15Add charm author guide around minimising handler activityAlex Kavanagh
2017-08-14Fix table of review/bug triage rotations.Billy Olsen
2017-08-14Merge "Add icey to rotas"Jenkins
2017-08-14Add small section on charm-storeAlex Kavanagh
2017-08-14Add icey to rotasChris MacNaughton
2017-08-11Add alex to rotasAlex Kavanagh
2017-08-09Sign coreycb up for bug triage and review rotationCorey Bryant
2017-08-09Sign up for bug triage and review rotationFrode Nordahl
2017-08-09Merge "Sign up for bug triage and review rotation"Jenkins
2017-08-09Merge "Fix link to git repository"Jenkins