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masterAdd api_version as an accessible propertyLiam Young19 months
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2016-08-01Add api_version as an accessible propertyHEADmasterLiam Young
2016-07-07Add support for verification processJames Page
2016-06-27Merge pull request #3 from gnuoy/feature/ssl-supportJames Page
2016-06-24Add support for extracting and decoding SSL keys and certs from interfacesLiam Young
2016-04-29Merge pull request #2 from ajkavanagh/mastergnuoy
2016-04-29Revert "Add unit tests to the interface"Alex Kavanagh
2016-04-22Add unit tests to the interfaceAlex Kavanagh
2016-02-11Drop tox directoryJames Page
2015-12-07Fix lintLiam Young
2015-12-07Support requesting keystone endpoint information and differentiaite between o...Liam Young