AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-01Added tox environment for gathering coverageHEADmasterPaul Goins
2019-01-28Add support for passing optional ``requested_roles`` attributeFrode Nordahl
2018-11-18Change openstack-dev to openstack-discusszhulingjie
2018-10-12Enable py3 gate jobFrode Nordahl
2018-09-26fix tox python3 overridesDoug Hellmann
2018-09-12Merge "Support service_domain for relation"Zuul
2018-09-12Support service_domain for relationSeyeong Kim
2018-09-11import zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann
2018-07-24Add py36 testenvmelissaml
2018-05-08Put back the unit tests and enable the ignoreAlex Kavanagh
2016-08-01Add api_version as an accessible propertyLiam Young
2016-07-07Add support for verification processJames Page
2016-06-27Merge pull request #3 from gnuoy/feature/ssl-supportJames Page
2016-06-24Add support for extracting and decoding SSL keys and certs from interfacesLiam Young
2016-04-29Merge pull request #2 from ajkavanagh/mastergnuoy
2016-04-29Revert "Add unit tests to the interface"Alex Kavanagh
2016-04-22Add unit tests to the interfaceAlex Kavanagh
2016-02-11Drop tox directoryJames Page
2015-12-07Fix lintLiam Young
2015-12-07Support requesting keystone endpoint information and differentiaite between o...Liam Young
2015-12-07gitignore .tox and update to handle all ssl data back from keystoneLiam Young
2015-12-07Add .gitignoreLiam Young
2015-12-07Fix name of *_tenant_id var passed back from keystoneLiam Young
2015-12-07Fix checking auto_accessors for noneLiam Young
2015-12-07initial versionLiam Young