BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix issue with crontab enablementJames Page2 days
stable/16.07Updates for stable branch creation for 16.07David Ames3 years
stable/16.10Enable domain specific driversJames Page2 years
stable/17.02Updated iconJames Page21 months
stable/17.08Ensure HTTPS configuration completesDavid Ames15 months
stable/17.11Sync charm-helpersDavid Ames13 months
stable/18.02Read in ca certificate as binary for PY3David Ames9 months
stable/18.05Enable proxy header parsingLiam Young7 months
stable/18.08Assign username from config if none is givenWouter van Bommel5 months
stable/18.11Sync charm-helpers to fix certificate separationFrode Nordahl7 weeks
stable/16.01commit 3d312fcea5...James Page3 years
16.01commit 1861bfea42...David Ames3 years
15.10commit 9dff3af391...David Ames3 years
15.07commit 90fbe9e10b...Liam Young4 years
15.04commit 3737fe65b7...Liam Young4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysFix issue with crontab enablementHEADmasterJames Page
4 daysMerge "Update charm-helpers-hooks.yaml and sync ch"Zuul
5 daysMerge "Adds masakari api support service catalog"Zuul
5 daysMerge "Notify Middleware with keystone release version"Zuul
10 daysAdds masakari api support service catalogAndrew McLeod
11 daysNotify Middleware with keystone release versionAymen Frikha
11 daysUpdate charm-helpers-hooks.yaml and sync chDavid Ames
11 daysMerge "Update pre-install hooks to fail on error"Zuul
2019-02-08Update pre-install hooks to fail on errorRyan Beisner
2019-02-06Update functional test definitionsRyan Beisner