BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUse volumev3 for internal endpoint in >= PikeEdward Hope-Morley4 days
stable/16.04Restart neutron-gateway services on amqp completeJames Page17 months
stable/16.07Support multi-phase access-network configurationJames Page15 months
stable/16.10Updates for stable branch creationJames Page14 months
stable/17.02Deprecate memcached_servers for mitaka+Nobuto Murata5 months
stable/17.08Update requirements for git charmhelpersRyan Beisner2 months
stable/17.11Updates for stable branch creationDavid Ames12 days
stable/16.01commit 4ee26c92b7...James Page20 months
16.01commit 4ee26c92b7...Liam Young23 months
15.10commit 1e8cff382d...Liam Young2 years
15.07commit 4f84dd2776...Liam Young2 years
15.04commit d25249a67a...Liam Young3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysUse volumev3 for internal endpoint in >= PikeHEADmasterEdward Hope-Morley
7 daysMerge "Adding http_proxy_to_wsgi support to mitaka."Zuul
8 daysAdd Bionic and remove Zesty series and testsRyan Beisner
2017-11-22Sync charm-helpersRyan Beisner
2017-11-22Adding http_proxy_to_wsgi support to mitaka.Seyeong Kim
2017-11-16Enable xenial-pike amulet testAndrew McLeod
2017-11-15Merge "Resync charmhelpers for py3 fixes."Zuul
2017-11-13Resync charmhelpers for py3 fixes.Liam Young
2017-11-10Set default value of disk-allocation-ratio to 1.0Edward Hope-Morley
2017-11-09Ensure enabled_filters are in [filter_scheduler]Edward Hope-Morley