BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRebuild for sync charms.openstack changesFrode Nordahl42 hours
stable/18.11Rebuild for sync charms.openstack changesFrode Nordahl33 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
42 hoursRebuild for sync charms.openstack changesHEADmasterFrode Nordahl
12 daysUse system CA Certificate bundle when configuring resourcesFrode Nordahl
2019-03-07Replace ostestr with stestr in testing framework.Pete Vander Giessen
2019-03-01Added tox environment for gathering coveragePaul Goins
2019-02-26Switch to using transport_urlJames Page
2019-02-01Rebuild for sync charms.openstckDavid Ames
2019-01-28Request roles from Keystone on endpoint registrationFrode Nordahl
2019-01-17Rebuild for sync charm-helpersCorey Bryant
2019-01-10Merge "Catch two more exceptions caused by temporary API unavailability"Zuul
2018-12-20Catch two more exceptions caused by temporary API unavailabilityFrode Nordahl