BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRebuild for sync charm-helpersDavid Ames5 weeks
stable/16.04Updates for stable branch creationJames Page22 months
stable/16.07Updates for stable branch creation for 16.07David Ames19 months
stable/16.10Updates for stable branch creationJames Page16 months
stable/17.02Updates for stable branch creationDavid Ames12 months
stable/17.08Update requirements for git charmhelpersRyan Beisner5 months
stable/17.11Rebuild for sync charm-helpersDavid Ames4 weeks
stable/16.01commit 6cf20beacb...James Page22 months
16.01commit 6cf20beacb...James Page2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-01-19Rebuild for sync charm-helpersHEADmasterDavid Ames
2017-12-05Add Bionic and remove Zesty series and testsRyan Beisner
2017-10-03Update requirements for git charmhelpersRyan Beisner
2017-09-26Add Artful dev series metadataRyan Beisner
2017-08-23Remove deprecated series metadata and testsRyan Beisner
2017-08-09Modify tests.yaml which specifies bundletester config paramsAndrew McLeod
2017-08-02Update charm iconAlex Kavanagh
2017-07-24Update tests to use keystoneauth1David Ames
2017-05-25Updates for pike b1James Page
2017-05-25Use charms.openstack charmhelpers test_mocksAlex Kavanagh