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2016-09-30Moving to Apache-2.0 LicenseHEADmasterJunaid Ali
* All OpenStack charms have re-licensed as Apache 2.0 from GPL v3 PS-2: Added License file Ticket: [SOL-1223] Change-Id: I84c32bc70a454b537b9970332475ed24eb9fb828 Signed-off-by: Junaid Ali <>
2016-08-29Updated file README.md14.04-eolstable/16.04Junaid Ali
Ticket: none Change-Id: I6747b4054ba3c2809b061355b501ecd1ca3ad0ce Signed-off-by: Junaid Ali <>
2016-08-20Merge pull request #1 from plumgrid/junaid-devJunaid Ali
Solutions API changes
2016-08-09Solutions Api changesplumgrid
Signed-off-by: plumgrid <Junaid Ali>
2016-08-07Configuring analyst for OPSVMplumgrid
Ticket: [SOL-1144] Signed-off-by: Junaid Ali <>
2016-08-05Moving plumgrid-gateway charm from launchpad to githubBilal Baqar
Signed-off-by: Bilal Baqar <>
2016-07-28Changes:Junaid Ali
- Default value for management interface removed as 'juju-br0' has been changed to 'br-eth0' in Juju 2.0 - Updated get_mgmt_interface method
2016-07-25Changes:Junaid Ali
- Removed default value for management interface - Updated get-mgmt method
2016-06-20L3 fabric changesJunaid Ali
2016-06-19Changes:Junaid Ali
Updated fabric-interfaces config description Removed unused imports
2016-06-16L3 fabric changesJunaid Ali
2016-06-09Increased wait time after libvirt is startedJunaid Ali
2016-06-09Increased wait time after libvirt is startedJunaid Ali
2016-05-295.1 changesBilal Baqar
- configure-pg-sources added - updated templates
2016-05-23logging IOError for sources.listJunaid Ali
2016-05-22Updated configure_pg_sourcesJunaid Ali
2016-05-21Merged:Junaid Ali
Updated template files Configured plumgrid install sources
2016-05-21Changes:Junaid Ali
Updated template files Configured plumgrid install sources
2016-05-19Merge: Liberty/Mitaka changesJunaid Ali
2016-05-18Merge - Charmhelpers sync and improved pg-restartBilal Baqar
2016-05-12External interface can be set as a stringBilal Baqar
2016-05-12External interface can be set as a stringJunaid Ali
2016-04-30update sleep time in restart_pg, changes for make syncJunaid Ali
2016-04-27Updated sleep time after starting libvirt-binJunaid Ali
2016-04-27Updated restart_pg functionJunaid Ali
2016-04-27Updated restart_pg functionJunaid Ali
2016-04-25Merge: Liberty/Mitaka supportBilal Baqar
2016-04-22make syncJunaid Ali
2016-04-18Liberty changesJunaid Ali
2016-04-08Adding status messages in charms - Ticket:[SOL-949]Bilal Baqar
2016-04-07Added symlink for update-status hookJunaid Ali
2016-04-06Added status messages and updated opsvm changesJunaid Ali
2016-03-28restart_on_stop Ticket: [SOL-950]Bilal Baqar
- Added restart_on_stop decorator function which starts plumgrid service is it has been stopped in the function - Added restart_on_change to config-changed hook so that any config changes result in plugrid restart - ifc_list_gateway only removed when change in ifcs.conf
2016-03-28Updated function descriptionJunaid Ali
2016-03-28OPSVM Changes - Ticket: [SOL-830]Bilal Baqar
- Getting OPSVM IP from director relation - Making OPSVM specific changes - Cleaned code in various functions - Added restart_on_change decorater function that restarts plumgrid service only when there has been any change in the configuration files - Removed restart of plumgrid service when only two directors are available - Fixed unit tests accordingly
2016-03-28Updated function descriptionJunaid Ali
2016-03-28fixing unit_testJunaid Ali
2016-03-28Improved plumgrid service restartsJunaid Ali
2016-03-27OPSVM ChangesBilal Baqar
2016-03-27OPSVM ChangesBilal Baqar
2016-03-25Improved config-changed hook to perform steps according to the config changedBilal Baqar
2016-03-25Updated config-changed hookJunaid Ali
2016-03-24unit_test fixJunaid Ali
2016-03-21Updated restart_pg()Junaid Ali
2016-03-16Updated config-changed hook and restart_pg()Junaid Ali
2016-03-14Ensuring plumgrid services to restart on certain hooks, Updated restart_pg()Junaid Ali
2016-03-13Made the following changes:Bilal Baqar
1. Reordered file and module imports 2. Sorted director IPs 3. Added unit fqdn in /etc/hosts of plumgrid-lxc 4. Loading plumgrid specific iptables on install 5. Added temporary upgrade hook to load iptables 6. stop_pg() is being used in restart_pg() 7. persistant iptables
2016-03-13Adding restart in upgrade hookBilal Baqar
2016-03-13Local commitBilal Baqar
2016-03-12Fixing sleepBilal Baqar