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masterAdd specification for `octavia` charmFrode Nordahl3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-27Add specification for `octavia` charmHEADmasterFrode Nordahl
2018-09-14Merge "Add spec for Keystone Charm Goal State support"Zuul
2018-09-14Merge "Add release-notes-migration-to-reno spec"Zuul
2018-09-14Add spec for Keystone Charm Goal State supportFrode Nordahl
2018-09-14Add release-notes-migration-to-reno specFrode Nordahl
2018-09-14import zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann
2018-09-13Open specs for Stein releaseJames Page
2018-08-02Add Fernet token specAlex Kavanagh
2018-07-18General tidy of rocky specsJames Page
2018-07-17Switch to use stestr for unit testHa Manh Dong