AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-23Merge "Designate - Neutron integration"HEADmasterZuul
2017-10-20add a spec for Panko charmDmitrii Shcherbakov
2017-10-17Designate - Neutron integrationTytus Kurek
2017-10-08Add spec for charm controlled service restartsEdward Hope-Morley
2017-09-19Add spec for swift charm ops support extensionsEdward Hope-Morley
2017-09-14Add spec for ceph to ceph-mon/osd migrationBilly Olsen
2017-09-14Initial approved specifications for QueensJames Page
2017-09-11Pike Tidy, Queens OpeningBilly Olsen
2017-09-01Update URL reference to dns configBilly Olsen
2017-09-01Sync requirements versions with global-requirementsBilly Olsen
2017-07-07Add gnocchi spec for PikeJames Page
2017-05-02Add dns-nameserver option to internal-dns specBilly Olsen
2017-04-26Merge "OpenStack Loadbalancer"Jenkins
2017-04-26OpenStack LoadbalancerLiam Young
2017-04-21Add internal-dns specificationBilly Olsen
2017-03-08Add service-discovery specificationJames Page
2017-03-08Ocata tidy, pike openingJames Page
2017-02-18error occur when executing "tox -e docs"xhzhf
2016-11-30Merge "Delete python bytecode file"Jenkins
2016-11-25Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco
2016-11-09Merge "Add action to attach osd-devices"Jenkins
2016-11-08Add action to attach osd-devicesChris MacNaughton
2016-10-28Ceph Broker CephX group supportJames Page
2016-10-17Review specs for newton, open for ocataJames Page
2016-10-12Delete python bytecode filegecong1973
2016-06-15Drop references to packaging work for charms.James Page
2016-06-08Add gitreview fileJames Page
2016-06-08Tidy formatting and get tests passing againJames Page
2016-06-08Merge pull request #1 from javacruft/external-networking-reduxJames Page
2016-06-07Fixup formatting in ceph-autotuneJames Page
2016-06-07Fixup git URL for charm-aodhJames Page
2016-06-07Tidy and update aodh specJames Page
2016-06-07Merge pull request #2 from cholcombe973/masterJames Page
2016-06-07Merge pull request #3 from gnuoy/feature/charm-specsJames Page
2016-06-03Added Murano specLiam Young
2016-06-03Added trove specLiam Young
2016-06-03Added mistral specLiam Young
2016-06-03Added Keystone federation specLiam Young
2016-06-03Add first wave and charm specsLiam Young
2016-05-31Remove some boilerplate and give some more details on test proceduresChris Holcombe
2016-05-31Move to the newton directory and fix up recommendations from JamesChris Holcombe
2016-05-27Fix up some bitsChris Holcombe
2016-05-27Add Ceph roadmap itemsChris Holcombe
2016-05-26Tidy formattingJames Page
2016-05-26Bullet list assigneesJames Page
2016-05-26Tidy up spelling mistakes, do proper code formattingJames Page
2016-05-26Sortout sectioningJames Page
2016-05-26Add spec for external networking reduxJames Page
2016-05-26Updates to template and example for unit test expectationsJames Page
2016-05-26Fixup styling for rtdJames Page