AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysAdd new OpenStack releases to testing mocksHEADmasterJames Page
2017-11-02Add network space support for HA API endpointsJames Page
2017-11-01Add Memcache relation adapter and registrationJames Page
2017-10-30Inc charmhelpers openstack HA in unittest mocksLiam Young
2017-10-27Add function for adding DNS HA resourcesLiam Young
2017-10-26Install system certs in snap accessible locationJames Page
2017-10-25Fix location for snap based SSL certs and keysJames Page
2017-10-23Merge "Enable IPv6 check in haproxy template file"Zuul
2017-10-17Enable IPv6 check in haproxy template fileTytus Kurek
2017-10-05Add snap supportCorey Bryant
2017-10-04Revert "Add snap support"James Page
2017-10-04Add snap supportCorey Bryant
2017-10-04Add application_name to ConfigurationAdapterJames Page
2017-09-27Fix Apache not being installed/configured for sslLiam Young
2017-09-21Merge "Make config provided CA optional"Jenkins
2017-09-12change assert(Not)Equals to assert(Not)Equalzhangyangyang
2017-09-07Make config provided CA optionalJames Page
2017-09-06Move application version set to charms.openstackAlex Kavanagh
2017-08-10Merge "Fix typos in inline docs"Jenkins
2017-08-08Change some helpers to do less workAlex Kavanagh
2017-08-04Add charmhelpers.contrib.openstack.context mockAlex Kavanagh
2017-08-03Merge "Add worker-multiplier for reactive charms"Jenkins
2017-08-01Fix typos in inline docsMathieu Mitchell
2017-08-01Merge "fix a typo in the db hostname property comment"Jenkins
2017-08-01Add worker-multiplier for reactive charmsAlex Kavanagh
2017-08-01Merge "Rework the default handlers into layer-openstack-*"Jenkins
2017-08-01Rework the default handlers into layer-openstack-*Alex Kavanagh
2017-07-31fix a typo in the db hostname property commentDmitrii Shcherbakov
2017-07-26Merge "Fix multiple vips for external endpoints"Jenkins
2017-07-18Ensure ordering of cluster hosts is consistent for same dataAlex Kavanagh
2017-07-18Fix multiple vips for external endpointsAlex Kavanagh
2017-06-19Add memcache support for ipv4Alex Kavanagh
2017-05-24Add a test_mocks to mock charmhelpers centrallyAlex Kavanagh
2017-05-19Refactor of -> charm/*.py and testsAlex Kavanagh
2017-05-12Merge "Remove py2.7 support"Jenkins
2017-05-12Change assess_status() method to be deferred and run once.Alex Kavanagh
2017-05-12Remove py2.7 supportAlex Kavanagh
2017-05-12Merge "Use charmhelpers OPENSTACK_RELEASES instead of internal KNOWN_RELEASES"Jenkins
2017-05-12Use charmhelpers OPENSTACK_RELEASES instead of internal KNOWN_RELEASESAlex Kavanagh
2017-04-19Revert "Adding worker multiplier support"vincenzo di somma
2017-04-19Adding worker multiplier supportVincenzo Di Somma
2017-01-18OpenStackCharm class reset adapters_class to NoneAlex Kavanagh
2017-01-06Merge "Enable Memcache for API svc token caching"Jenkins
2017-01-06Enable Memcache for API svc token cachingLiam Young
2017-01-03Decode output from check_output in opened_portsLiam Young
2016-12-15Simplify use of split call for port managementJames Page
2016-12-14Merge "charms.openstack charms don't open ports"Jenkins
2016-12-14charms.openstack charms don't open portsAlex Kavanagh
2016-12-01Merge "Fix for bug/1645473 -- test registered hooks"Jenkins
2016-11-30Fix for bug/1645473 -- test registered hooksAlex Kavanagh