AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysOpen specs for Rocky releaseHEADmasterIvan Kolodyazhny
2017-11-28Merge "Provisioning Improvements"Zuul
2017-11-21Provisioning ImprovementsGorka Eguileor
2017-11-17Clean up required packagesSean McGinnis
2017-11-17switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocsthemeklyang
2017-11-17Remove unit testingSean McGinnis
2017-11-13Merge "Update cheesecake promotion specification"Zuul
2017-10-25Update cheesecake promotion specificationPatrick East
2017-10-18Migrate ConfKeyManager's fixed-key to BarbicanAlan Bishop
2017-10-04Merge "Add json schema validation for V3 API's"Jenkins
2017-10-04Fix spec format errorsSean McGinnis
2017-10-03Add json schema validation for V3 API'sDinesh Bhor
2017-10-03Merge "Update backup's size when backup is created"Zuul
2017-10-02Merge "Update use-oslo_db-enginefacade spec"Zuul
2017-10-02Merge "Support create volume from backup"Zuul
2017-10-01Update use-oslo_db-enginefacade specHanxi_Liu
2017-09-29Merge "Add shared_targets column to volume table"Zuul
2017-09-29Merge "Transfer snapshots with volumes"Zuul
2017-09-29Add shared_targets column to volume tablej-griffith
2017-09-29Update backup's size when backup is createdTommyLike
2017-09-29Merge "Inspection Mechanism For Capacity Limited Host"Zuul
2017-09-29Merge "Report backend state in service list"Zuul
2017-09-26Inspection Mechanism For Capacity Limited Hostwangxiyuan
2017-09-26Report backend state in service listwanghao
2017-09-25Support create volume from backupTommyLike
2017-09-25Merge "Update url of the cinder-specs's document"Jenkins
2017-09-22Merge "Show resource's total count info in list APIs"Jenkins
2017-09-15Update url of the cinder-specs's documentzhangbailin
2017-09-14Move generic-backup-implementation spec to Queens directoryIvan Kolodyazhny
2017-09-07Manual update sphinx versionDai Dang Van
2017-09-07Show resource's total count info in list APIsTommyLike
2017-09-01Merge "Fix incorrect indention in index.rst file"Jenkins
2017-08-31Fix the description in the cinder documentzhangbailin
2017-08-17Modify some spelling errorszhangbailin
2017-08-15Merge "Revert "Add API to query backup capabilities""Jenkins
2017-08-14Modify spelling mistakeszhangbailin
2017-08-08Fix incorrect indention in index.rst fileTommyLike
2017-07-29Fix some link errors in some spec filesji-xuepeng
2017-07-28Transfer snapshots with volumeswanghao
2017-07-25Revert "Add API to query backup capabilities"Sean McGinnis
2017-06-21Remove support for py34.deepakmourya
2017-06-14Merge "Add API to query backup capabilities"Jenkins
2017-06-08Add directory for Queens specIvan Kolodyazhny
2017-06-07Merge "Generic backup implementation"Jenkins
2017-06-07Merge "Backup driver initialization"Jenkins
2017-06-07Backup driver initializationIvan Kolodyazhny
2017-06-06Merge "Support metadata for backup resource"Jenkins
2017-06-06Merge "Support get volume metadata summary"Jenkins
2017-06-05Fix doc generation for Python399cloudML
2017-06-01Support get volume metadata summarywangxiyuan