BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
driverfixes/mitakaMerge "NetApp: block drivers fail when volume missing." into driverfixes/mitakaJenkins3 months
driverfixes/newtonMerge "Dell EMC PS: Fix Duplicate ACL records Issue" into driverfixes/newtonZuul4 weeks
driverfixes/ocataMerge "Dell EMC PS: Fix Duplicate ACL records Issue" into driverfixes/ocataZuul4 weeks
masterMerge "Fixes creation of mirrored volumes due to wrong type"Zuul8 hours
stable/ocataRevert "Tests: Fail if oslo.versionedobjects issues Invalid UUID warnings"Eric Harney2 weeks
stable/pikeMerge "Removed gb quota decrement in grp snapshot delete" into stable/pikeZuul3 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge 61962d2522...OpenStack Release Bot9 days
11.0.1commit 7cc8d0ea63...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
newton-eolcommit 1b3ab80f1c...Ian Wienand8 weeks 6f5c4c2b68...OpenStack Release Bot8 weeks
10.0.6commit 486c00794b...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
11.0.0commit 7524a44ebb...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
10.0.5commit 78d093b864...OpenStack Release Bot4 months 7524a44ebb...OpenStack Release Bot4 months 674db75349...OpenStack Release Bot4 months 8414a58ad4...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 hoursMerge "Fixes creation of mirrored volumes due to wrong type"HEADmasterZuul
9 hoursMerge "Correct documented service upgrade order"Zuul
9 hoursMerge "Switch to oslo_db retry decorator"Zuul
13 hoursFixes creation of mirrored volumes due to wrong typeAntony Cleave
16 hoursMerge "NetApp ONTAP: Copy offload bugfix"Zuul
16 hoursMerge "Don't call driver.terminate_connection if there is no connector"Zuul
16 hoursMerge "Store host connector in volume_attachment.connector column"Zuul
16 hoursMerge "NEC driver: delete an unused configuration parameter."Zuul
17 hoursCorrect documented service upgrade orderSean McGinnis
36 hoursSwitch to oslo_db retry decoratorSean McGinnis