BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
driverfixes/mitakaRun backup compression on native threadGorka Eguileor4 months
driverfixes/newtonMerge "NetApp ONTAP: Set new sub-lun clone limit for ONTAP driver" into drive...Zuul7 weeks
driverfixes/ocataMerge "VMAX Driver - Ocata, detaches fail when volume missing from backend" i...Zuul4 months
masterMerge "NetApp SolidFire: Fix NetApp SolidFire SSL option"Zuul17 hours
stable/ocataMerge "GoodnessWeigher schedules non-type volumes" into stable/ocataZuul21 hours
stable/pikeVSA: Concurrent request handling in attachmentVivek Soni8 days
stable/queensImported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot35 hours
stable/rockyUpdate .gitreview for stable/rockyOpenStack Release Bot6 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge a3666e9a40...OpenStack Release Bot6 days cbee6066e4...OpenStack Release Bot9 days
11.1.1commit 74549cf7e0...OpenStack Release Bot8 weeks
12.0.3commit 24782fa855...OpenStack Release Bot8 weeks 875596b4ea...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
12.0.2commit d8d9e1cce7...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
10.0.7commit 921070a5fe...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
12.0.1commit bc76abef28...OpenStack Release Bot4 months 8efee51cae...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
12.0.0commit ca9bf2d1c5...OpenStack Release Bot6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
17 hoursMerge "NetApp SolidFire: Fix NetApp SolidFire SSL option"HEADmasterZuul
21 hoursMerge "Make code py3-compatible (global callable())"Zuul
23 hoursMerge "VMAX driver - releasenote fix"Zuul
23 hoursMerge "Fix XTREMIO driver name"Zuul
27 hoursFix XTREMIO driver nameArkadyKanevsky
28 hoursMerge "[Docs] Update some links for Gerrit of Code Reviews"Zuul
29 hours[Docs] Update some links for Gerrit of Code Reviewszhubx007
31 hoursMerge "Add volume create schema enforcement unit tests"Zuul
2 daysMake code py3-compatible (global callable())whoami-rajat
2 daysReserve 3 migrations for DB backportsSean McGinnis