BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix cinderlib Python packageGorka Eguileor7 days
v0.3.9commit 49554c7386...Gorka Eguileor5 weeks
v0.3.8commit 44dd49643b...Gorka Eguileor5 weeks
v0.3.7commit 5817b957e9...Gorka Eguileor6 weeks
v0.3.6commit 6f0e451c83...Gorka Eguileor7 weeks
v0.3.5commit b13e7ef735...Gorka Eguileor7 weeks
v0.3.4commit a9b4466904...Gorka Eguileor8 weeks
v0.3.3commit bf6aa77737...Gorka Eguileor8 weeks
v0.3.2commit bced31ff3b...Gorka Eguileor8 weeks
v0.3.1commit a2b2324a3d...Gorka Eguileor2 months
v0.3.0commit 5dbf7528f6...Gorka Eguileor2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysFix cinderlib Python packageHEADmasterGorka Eguileor
14 daysMerge "Convert the driver_options to a dictionary"Zuul
2019-02-26Convert the driver_options to a dictionaryWalter A. Boring IV
2019-02-26Add zuul jobsGorka Eguileor
2019-02-19Format as a Cinder-related OpenStack projectGorka Eguileor
2019-02-18Bump version: 0.3.8 → 0.3.9v0.3.9Gorka Eguileor
2019-02-18Fix raise on Snapshot initializationGorka Eguileor
2019-02-15Bump version: 0.3.7 → 0.3.8v0.3.8Gorka Eguileor
2019-02-13Fix exception raise on failed attachGorka Eguileor
2019-02-05Bump version: 0.3.6 → 0.3.7v0.3.7Gorka Eguileor