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2018-06-28Assure executable name is kept when app is called as moduleSorin Sbarnea
2017-06-30add before and after hooksDoug Hellmann
2017-06-30add hook for get_epilogDoug Hellmann
2017-06-30add hook for manipulating the argument parserDoug Hellmann
2016-07-28Fix cliff URLs in doc and demoappMasayuki Igawa
2015-07-24Set demo app up with deferred helpDoug Hellmann
2015-07-09Fix logging config in demo appDoug Hellmann
2013-09-23Update pyparsing dependency to 2.0.1Doug Hellmann
2013-08-12remove use of distribute in demo appDoug Hellmann
2013-08-12Fix default encoding issue with python 2.6Doug Hellmann
2013-01-03Fix typo.qneill
2012-06-20Doc updates for API changes.1.0Doug Hellmann
2012-06-01Refactor to make it easier to override separate parts in su...Doug Hellmann
2012-05-14declare a couple of commands that use builtin command names but use multiple ...Doug Hellmann
2012-05-10pass more details to initialize_app so subclasses can decide what sort of ini...Doug Hellmann
2012-04-28simplify packaging file for demo appDoug Hellmann
2012-04-28first pass at interactive appDoug Hellmann
2012-04-28add longer docstring to show how it is printed by helpDoug Hellmann
2012-04-27add ShowOne base class for commands that need to show properties of an indivi...Doug Hellmann
2012-04-25remove example that I was using as a syntax reminderDoug Hellmann
2012-04-23Added a bit more to the README.Duncan McGreggor
2012-04-23flesh out instructions for using the demo appDoug Hellmann
2012-04-23Added a README for the demo app.Duncan McGreggor
2012-04-23Added download url to both files and updated the demo withDuncan McGreggor
2012-04-23Added missing distribute setup file.Duncan McGreggor
2012-04-22start creating a subclass of command for producing a list of output in differ...Doug Hellmann
2012-04-22Pass the I/O streams into the appDoug Hellmann
2012-04-22add some error handling to AppDoug Hellmann
2012-04-22tweak App api to make it easier to override and perform global actions before...Doug Hellmann
2012-04-21use logging for controlling console output verbosityDoug Hellmann
2012-04-20clean up argv handlingDoug Hellmann
2012-04-20replace default --help processor with one that includes the list of subcomman...Doug Hellmann
2012-04-20Sample program with command pluginsDoug Hellmann