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12 daysMerge "Support upgrade checks"Zuul
2019-02-04Support upgrade checksLuka Peschke
2019-02-01Delete v2 gnocchi storageLuka Peschke
2019-01-31Remove the fake and meta collectorsLuka Peschke
2019-01-31Merge "Remove the gnocchi transformer"Zuul
2019-01-30Remove the fake fetcherLuka Peschke
2019-01-30Remove the gnocchi transformerLuka Peschke
2018-12-11Adding an InfluxDB storage backendLuka Peschke
2018-12-06Changed author emailJustin Ferrieu
2018-09-05Add a gnocchi fetcherLuka Peschke
2018-08-22Adding a v2 storage backend8.0.0Luka Peschke
2018-08-21Add Prometheus CollectorMartin CAMEY
2018-06-28Improve metrics configurationLuka Peschke
2018-04-17Allow Cloudkitty to collect non-OpenStack metricsMartin CAMEY
2018-03-14Merge "Remove Ceilometer collector and transformer"Zuul
2018-03-07Remove Ceilometer collector and transformerLuka Peschke
2018-03-06Remove gnocchi and gnocchihybrid storageLuka Peschke
2018-01-26Refactor the storage backendLuka Peschke
2017-12-08Policy in codeJeremy Liu
2017-10-27Add a collector for MonascaLuka Peschke
2017-08-16Merge "Update URLs in documents according to document migration"6.0.0Jenkins
2017-07-21Update URLs in documents according to document migrationliangcui
2017-07-18Add WSGI support for `cloudkitty-api'zhangguoqing
2017-02-08Remove support for py34gengchc2
2016-11-15Merge "Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv for cloudkitty"Jenkins
2016-09-20modify the home-page info with the developer documentationavnish
2016-09-15Merge "Added native gnocchi storage driver"0.6.0Jenkins
2016-09-15Added native gnocchi storage driverscolinas
2016-09-05Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv for cloudkittygengchc2
2016-09-01Add CSV support to cloudkitty-writerLuka Peschke
2016-03-26Merge "Added support for an hybrid gnocchi storage"0.5.0Jenkins
2016-03-26Added support for an hybrid gnocchi storageStéphane Albert
2016-03-25Added gnocchi collectorStéphane Albert
2016-03-25Added CORS support to CloudKittyMichael Krotscheck
2015-10-22Merge "Removed version information from setup.cfg"Jenkins
2015-10-19Removed version information from setup.cfgStéphane Albert
2015-10-15Added new rating module PyScriptsStéphane Albert
2015-08-28Moving to Liberty cycle (0.5)Stéphane Albert
2015-08-27Preparing 0.4.1 releasekilo-eol0.4.1Stéphane Albert
2015-07-31Improve setup.cfg a bitGauvain Pocentek
2015-05-13Added a fake fetcher and collectorStéphane Albert
2015-04-30Added support for pluggable tenant fetcherStéphane Albert
2015-04-08Renaming billing to ratingStéphane Albert
2015-03-16New HashMap rating module versionStéphane Albert
2015-03-06Generate the sample with oslo-config-generatorGauvain Pocentek
2014-11-14Separated writing and rating processingStéphane Albert
2014-11-14Implemented new storage driversStéphane Albert
2014-10-06Added support for Multiple CollectorsStéphane Albert
2014-09-25Added pluggable transformer supportStéphane Albert
2014-09-05Implemented RPC messagingStéphane Albert