AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-24Replace git:// URLs with https://HEADmasterIan Wienand
2017-01-03Revert "Merge "fix""Xicheng Chang
2017-01-03Merge "Revert "fix""Jenkins
2016-12-30Revert "fix"Xicheng Chang
2016-12-30Merge "fix"Jenkins
2016-12-23add ops9 installerXicheng Chang
2016-12-21Purge xenial related files since it does not follow valid file structure.Xicheng Chang
2016-12-08Seperate the case of using agent with local server from with c.stack360.ioXicheng Chang
2016-11-03add switch for openstack network node's components high availabilitychenshuai
2016-10-27support osp9 and newtonXicheng Chang
2016-10-27Make repo name optionalXicheng Chang
2016-10-26fix error in flask-loginXicheng Chang
2016-10-26Support rhel7 and osp9Xicheng Chang
2016-10-11Add the conf & tmpl file for OpenStack Newtonliyuenan
2016-09-16disable firewalldXicheng Chang
2016-09-15Add standalone installation mode for a compass web serverXicheng Chang
2016-09-14Make compass work on both remote and local install.Xicheng Chang
2016-09-07Add odl sfc configurationYifei Xue
2016-08-31fix the bug caused by hostname.Xicheng Chang
2016-08-26fix the bug caused by install.shXicheng Chang
2016-08-26update for boto install and registrationXicheng Chang
2016-08-25fix bugs in install.shXicheng Chang
2016-08-25update registerXicheng Chang
2016-08-25update compass-celerydXicheng Chang
2016-08-24Merge "Remove argparse from requirements"Jenkins
2016-08-19Add logstash forwarder to agent.Xicheng Chang
2016-08-16fix url in preseed_post_anamon.Xicheng Chang
2016-07-22add moon enable flagchenshuai
2016-07-19Fix some bugsXicheng Chang
2016-07-20Add onos sfc supportYifei Xue
2016-07-18Fix bug in modelXicheng Chang
2016-07-16Support ubuntu 16.04 and mitakachenshuai
2016-07-15Edit cluster and host models.Xicheng Chang
2016-07-15Support ubuntu16.04 and ubuntu14.04 in one ISO filechenshuai
2016-07-14Merge "Support Ubuntu16.04"Jenkins
2016-07-13Update some package sourcesXicheng Chang
2016-07-12Install a pip pacakge to enable ansible accelerate mode.Xicheng Chang
2016-07-12Support Ubuntu 16.04Yifei Xue
2016-07-12Support Ubuntu16.04chenshuai
2016-07-11remove some of the replacementXicheng Chang
2016-07-11Edit preseed post anamon snippetXicheng Chang
2016-07-11Add confsXicheng Chang
2016-07-11Make two more apache config files.Xicheng Chang
2016-07-10Fix syntax bug in debian.ymlXicheng Chang
2016-07-09trim installXicheng Chang
2016-07-09Trim some install scripts for agent installXicheng Chang
2016-07-06disable acclerate modeXicheng Chang
2016-07-06update and confsXicheng Chang
2016-07-06update install.conf with public network configsXicheng Chang