AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-20Provide access to ELK through the compass webHEADmastergrakiss
2016-01-12Merge "fix external nic name miss match bug"Jenkins
2016-01-12Merge "fix add interface bug"Jenkins
2016-01-11fix external nic name miss match bugMing He
2016-01-11fix add interface bugMing He
2016-01-06Merge "update ui to work with ansible ha liberty"Jenkins
2016-01-05update ui to work with ansible ha libertyMing He
2015-12-30add usr and password config itembaigk
2015-12-21add missing angualr-cookies library in targetMing He
2015-12-21fix gitignroe so bower_components are included in target folderMing He
2015-12-16add compiled bundleMing He
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-08-13Deprecate v1 of compass-webWeidong Shao
2015-06-22fix neutronConfig data structuresharonlucong
2015-06-15fix package_config ui_ metadatasharonlucong
2015-06-11fixed drag drop bug and skip steps with error messagechi zhang
2015-06-05manually add one machine to a switchchi zhang
2015-05-06batch upload switches and machines in csv filechi zhang
2015-04-30Merge "add default_value for neutron and modify the css"Jenkins
2015-04-29add default_value for neutron and modify the csssharonlucong
2015-04-28fixed search issue in serverlistchi zhang
2015-04-21Merge "fixed os_global_config meta data issue and add subnet bug"Jenkins
2015-04-17package_config meta data uisharonlucong
2015-04-16fixed os_global_config meta data issue and add subnet bugchi zhang
2015-04-08Merge "Add openstack-juno to compass-web"Jenkins
2015-04-06Add openstack-juno to compass-webXicheng Chang
2015-04-03ui metadata os global configchi zhang
2015-03-30add report functionCongLu
2015-03-231. use bower package manager 2. generate a single JS filechi zhang
2015-03-11fixed unexpected indentation errorchi zhang
2015-03-07Merge "fixed os_only flavor bug"Jenkins
2015-03-06fixed os_only flavor bugchi zhang
2015-03-06Merge "review page"Jenkins
2015-03-04review pageCongLu
2015-02-27Merge "mockData&review updated"Jenkins
2015-02-17new version compass-webchi zhang
2015-02-11mockData&review updatedCongLu
2015-01-20review page updatedsharonlucong
2014-12-24ui can support ceph_fireflychi zhang
2014-12-06Merge "add customized constrains on metrics"Jenkins
2014-12-01modified autofill displaychi zhang
2014-11-29Merge "fixed: 1. server confidential 2. unchanged username and password on re...Jenkins
2014-11-24fixed: 1. server confidential 2. unchanged username and password on review page.chi zhang
2014-11-19Clear default password for server credentialsjiahuay
2014-11-19add customized constrains on metricschi zhang
2014-10-30switch the topology tabschi zhang
2014-10-30Merge "Added a relative time range"Jenkins
2014-10-29Added a relative time rangeGitaWei