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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-31Update cookbook for storwize new featuresTaoBai
2015-03-30Raise an error when san private key is missinglqslan
2015-03-25Use new "service" role instead of "admin"Mark Vanderwiel
2015-03-23Enable kombu_ssl_version configuration for Rabbitmq SSLwenchma
2015-03-17Remove api-paste.ini as it provided by packageMark Vanderwiel
2014-12-31Add config for IBM FlashSystemEdwin Wang
2015-02-11Configure iscsi target service for RHEL7Jin Hui
2015-02-10Merge "Trusty juno updates"Jenkins
2015-02-09Install qemu-img package for cinder-volume nodelqslan
2015-02-06Use new common specific_endpoint routinesKen Thomas
2015-02-05Trusty juno updatesMark Vanderwiel
2015-02-05Add dependency on upstream ceph cookbook for better key managementElliott Davis
2015-01-13Disable configuration of tgtd on RHEL 7Yi Ming Yin
2014-12-02Allow storwize private key without san_login and san_passwordMark Vanderwiel
2014-11-20Add glance_api_version to cinder configSachi King
2014-11-14Allow san_password attribute for svc driverMark Vanderwiel
2014-11-13Register cinder v2 service and endpoint to support recent nova changesZHU ZHU
2014-11-07Update gpfs volume driver pathSasikanth
2014-11-04Add default_volume_type to cinder configSachi King
2014-11-04Merge "Change the specs for reverting cinder api to v1"Jenkins
2014-11-04Add glance_ca_certificates_filejun xie
2014-11-03Change the specs for reverting cinder api to v1Jun Hong Li
2014-10-30Merge "Change spec since v2 api is used as default"Jenkins
2014-10-28Add package sysfsutils for cinder SVC driver.xijiax
2014-10-28Change spec since v2 api is used as defaultJun Hong Li
2014-10-22Configure glance_api_insecure and glance_api_serverschenxiao
2014-10-09Merge "Add attributes for cinder quotas"Jenkins
2014-09-29Add attributes for cinder quotasMark Vanderwiel
2014-09-29Allow cinder authtoken settings to be configurablechenxiao
2014-09-23Add attribute for ibm nas stroage driver ibmnas_platform_typeMark Vanderwiel
2014-09-23Merge "Add attribute for osapi_volume_workers"Jenkins
2014-09-17Update cinder.conf permissionleileiz
2014-09-12Add attribute for osapi_volume_workersMark Vanderwiel
2014-08-25Move keystone authtoken keys into cinder.confMark Vanderwiel
2014-07-29Setting up repo for master Juno BranchMark Vanderwiel
2014-07-21Merge "Allow create volume group with block devices for lvm"Jenkins
2014-07-18Fix fauxhai platform versions for suse and redhatMark Vanderwiel
2014-07-15Merge "This is to get closer to 100% chefspec coverage"Jenkins
2014-07-14This is to get closer to 100% chefspec coverageJJ Asghar
2014-07-11Allow create volume group with block devices for lvmMark Vanderwiel
2014-07-10added rootwrap.conf template like in cookbook-openstack-computeJan Klare
2014-06-12Add multiple backends support for cinder confYi Ming Yin
2014-05-29Add missing AMQP options to cinder.confMatt Odden
2014-05-29Merge "Fix default value for storwize_svc_vol_rsize"Jenkins
2014-05-28Fix default value for storwize_svc_vol_rsizeMark Vanderwiel
2014-05-26Make retrieval of vmware_host_pass optionalStephan Renatus
2014-05-22Add support for misc options in cinder.confshuozhang
2014-05-12Merge "Get the vCenter password from databag for cinder"Jenkins
2014-05-09Get the vCenter password from databag for cindergengjh
2014-05-09Run cinder-manage as correct user/groupMatt Thompson