BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterZuul: Remove project nameJames E. Blair3 weeks
stable/newtonUpdate OSC client version to 3.11.0Jens Rosenboom9 months
stable/ocataUpdated python-openstackclient to 3.14.0Samuel Cassiba4 weeks
stable/pikeZuul: Remove project nameJames E. Blair3 weeks
mitaka-eolcommit 5836240633...Joshua Hesketh8 months
liberty-eolcommit 30e554a939...Joshua Hesketh14 months
kilo-eolcommit f26585adeb...Joshua Hesketh14 months
eol-junocommit 03a0c2717b...Jan Klare2 years
eol-icehousecommit ad0f56149d...Jan Klare2 years
eol-havanacommit 776225641a...Jan Klare2 years
eol-grizzlycommit 0eead56b69...Jan Klare2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-02-05Zuul: Remove project nameHEADstable/pikemasterJames E. Blair
2018-01-16Merge "common refactor for Pike and Chef 13"Zuul
2018-01-11common refactor for Pike and Chef 13Samuel Cassiba
2017-12-23Removed chefdk conditional from bootstrap.shSamuel Cassiba
2017-11-27Incremented chefdk to 2.3.4Samuel Cassiba
2017-11-02Make configuration files more readableRoger Luethi
2017-10-27Add native zuul v3 jobs defined in openstack-chef-repoJens Harbott
2017-10-20Extend openstack_commandRoger Luethi
2017-10-05Fix "Fix handling of ZUUL_CHANGES"Jens Harbott
2017-10-04Fix handling of ZUUL_CHANGESJens Harbott