AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-11Merge "Pin apache2 cookbook to 5.0.1"HEADmasterZuul
2018-12-10Pin apache2 cookbook to 5.0.1Samuel Cassiba
2018-12-04Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussZhijunWei
2018-11-24fix the misspelling worldMaoyangLiu
2018-11-05disable the openrc v2 download panel by defaultJan Klare
2018-08-06Rename openstack-chef-repo references to openstack-chefSamuel Cassiba
2018-08-03starting rocky development patchSamuel Cassiba
2018-07-16Use internal identity endpoint for servicesSamuel Cassiba
2018-06-28Merge "Simplify identity endpoint"Zuul
2018-06-14Simplify identity endpointSamuel Cassiba
2018-06-12Update links in READMEXiaojueGuan
2018-04-16Merge "Remove python_runtime references"Zuul
2018-04-11Remove python_runtime referencesSamuel Cassiba
2018-04-11Add delivery configSamuel Cassiba
2018-03-23Merge "Update lbaas url for Queens, logging handler"Zuul
2018-03-20FWaaS Dashboard fixChristoph Albers
2018-03-08Update lbaas url for Queens, logging handlerSamuel Cassiba
2018-03-06starting queens development patch and use git.openstack.orgSamuel Cassiba
2018-02-16Update dashboard reference to Pike branchSamuel Cassiba
2018-02-01Zuul: Remove project nameJames E. Blair
2017-12-13dashboard refactor for Pike and Chef 13Samuel Cassiba
2017-11-02Add native zuul v3 jobs defined in openstack-chef-repoJens Harbott
2017-09-26Merge " fixes"Jenkins fixesChristoph Albers
2017-09-15neutron-lbaas-dashboard updateChristoph Albers
2017-09-13Merge "Corrected Python runtime for neutron-lbaas-dashboard"Jenkins
2017-09-12Merge "Fix dashboard static path for Ubuntu"Jenkins
2017-09-11Fix dashboard static path for UbuntuJens Rosenboom
2017-08-29Corrected Python runtime for neutron-lbaas-dashboardSamuel Cassiba
2017-08-25Initial dashboard Pike updatesSamuel Cassiba
2017-08-17starting pike development patchJan Klare
2017-08-02Style and lint fixes for the Ocata releaseSamuel Cassiba
2017-07-21Updated lbaasv2 remote path for Ocata ReleaseChristoph Albers
2017-05-29add new Chef OpenStack Team Logo to READMEJan Klare
2017-05-24Fix enable_vpn optionJens Rosenboom
2017-05-09Added option to enable_vpnChristoph Albers
2017-03-06Corrects SELinux enablement, lbaasv2 dashboard installationSamuel Cassiba
2017-02-23starting ocata development patchJan Klare
2017-02-20Merge "Multiple dashboard fixes and refactoring"Jenkins
2017-02-17Multiple dashboard fixes and refactoringChristoph Albers
2017-02-09Fix settings for Newton releaseJens Rosenboom
2017-01-06Fix dashboard settingsJens Rosenboom
2016-12-12Merge "Fixes for Newton / Identity v3"Jenkins
2016-12-09Fixes for Newton / Identity v3Christoph Albers
2016-12-08Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco
2016-12-05update cookbook dependencies for next releaseJan Klare
2016-09-29Merge "Increment Ubuntu release to 16.04"Jenkins
2016-08-13Include ServerAlias in dashboard vhost if setLance Albertson
2016-08-10Increment Ubuntu release to 16.04Samuel Cassiba
2016-08-02Properly set SSL cert paths when disabling certs databagLance Albertson