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2018-06-25Stop iptables from being enabled by forceSamuel Cassiba
2015-01-15Removed all files not needed by the neutron cookbookElliott Davis
2014-11-13 L3 agent migration should only choose enabled agentWei Tie
2014-04-04neutron-ha-tool: fix some cosmetic flake8 issuesRalf Haferkamp
2014-04-04neutron-ha-tool: Add ssl optionsRalf Haferkamp
2014-03-27Merge "neutron-ha-tool: Fix return values of agent_(alive|dead)_id_list"Jenkins
2014-03-27Merge "Add --quiet option to neutron-ha-tool"Jenkins
2014-03-26neutron-ha-tool: Fix return values of agent_(alive|dead)_id_listRalf Haferkamp
2014-03-26Merge "Have neutron-ha-tool use the internal neutron endpoint"Jenkins
2014-03-26Add --quiet option to neutron-ha-toolRalf Haferkamp
2014-03-26Have neutron-ha-tool use the internal neutron endpointRalf Haferkamp
2014-03-26Fix indentation error in neutron-ha-toolRalf Haferkamp
2014-03-19fix flake8 problems in neutron-ha-toolIonuț Arțăriși
2014-03-18neutron-ha-tool: Use a non-zero exit code when a migration is neededRalf Haferkamp
2014-03-18Add new command line switch --nowRalf Haferkamp
2014-01-10Delete the rootwrap.d filtersgengjh
2013-12-13Support neutron configurationgengjh
2013-10-07Merge "Add ovs-dpctl-top tool for better troubleshooting"Jenkins
2013-10-07Add ovs-dpctl-top tool for better troubleshootingKevin Bringard
2013-10-07Add takeover delay to quantum-ha-toolAlan Meadows
2013-08-13Add NIC offload disable featureAlan Meadows
2013-08-12Add syslog logging to quantum-ha-toolAlan Meadows
2013-08-08Fix bugs with quantum-ha-toolAlan Meadows
2013-08-06Add high availability tool for neutron networkingAlan Meadows
2013-06-21initial commit of working cookbook-openstack-networkAlan Meadows