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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-04Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussHEADmasterZhijunWei
2018-08-03starting rocky development patchSamuel Cassiba
2018-03-06starting queens development patch and use git.openstack.orgSamuel Cassiba
2017-12-10telemetry refactor for Pike and Chef 13Samuel Cassiba
2017-10-26Replace ceilometer-dbsync by ceilometer-upgradeSeb-Solon
2017-08-17starting pike development patchJan Klare
2017-08-10Style and lint fixes for chefdk, deprecated GemfileSamuel Cassiba
2017-02-23starting ocata development patchJan Klare
2016-12-09Ceilometer-api / Gnocchi-api WSGI refactorChristoph Albers
2016-09-30use_cookbook-openstackclient/identity_v3Christoph Albers
2016-07-06Style and lint fixes to support newer ChefDKSamuel Cassiba
2016-06-23initial commit for the newton development cycleJan Klare
2016-06-20initial refactoring step and addition of gnocchiJan Klare
2015-08-31Initial Liberty ChangesJJ Asghar
2015-06-22Replace deprecated get_secretMark Vanderwiel
2015-06-16Allow rabbit mq kombu ssl configurationMark Vanderwiel
2015-06-12Add rabbitmq max_retries and retry_interval attributes in ceilometer confwenchma
2015-05-29Cleanup minor rubocop offensesMark Vanderwiel
2015-02-27Initial kilo updatesMark Vanderwiel
2015-02-09Missed bumping Common versionMark Vanderwiel
2014-10-14Cleanup cookbook contact infoMark Vanderwiel
2014-08-04Support VMware hypervisor inspectorgengjh
2014-07-29Setting up repo for master Juno Branchgalstrom21
2014-07-07use new python_packages attributes from -commonIonuț Arțăriși
2014-07-07Changed the action of all package resources from default to :upgradeJan Klare
2014-07-04Add attribute sample_sourcehill
2014-06-18Add missing AMQP options to ceilometer.confMatt Odden
2014-05-28Remove policy.json fileMark Vanderwiel
2014-04-03Add recipes for alarm servicesLuis A. Garcia
2014-04-02Add hypervisor_inspector in ceilometer.confQuan Guo
2014-03-27Icehouse branch version updatesMark Vanderwiel
2014-03-17Use the library method auth_uri_transform.ericzhou
2014-03-12Rename openstack-metering to openstack-telemetryChen Zhiwei
2014-03-09Merge "Add NoSQL support for metering."Jenkins
2014-03-06Create tenant/user and grant admin role for metering.ericzhou
2014-03-05Add NoSQL support for metering.ericzhou
2014-02-25Merge "Add client recipe for metering"Jenkins
2014-02-19Fix metering service endpoint path specLuis A. Garcia
2014-02-13Add client recipe for meteringMark Vanderwiel
2014-01-09Filling out initial rubocop support for metadata.rb and the Gemfile.Matt Ray
2013-12-12upgrade to Havana releaseIonuț Arțăriși
2013-12-02Relax the dependency on openstack-identity to the 7.x seriesMatt Ray
2013-11-30Adding qpid support to ceilometersalmanbaset
2013-11-11Fixing inconsistent auth_token middlewareJustin Shepherd
2013-09-17Add depedency for python-mysqldb packageJohn Tran
2013-09-07Temporary fix agent-compute dpkg bug 1221945John Tran
2013-09-05Add optional host to ceilometer.confJohn Tran
2013-09-05Fix naming inconsistency for db password databagJohn Tran
2013-08-08Added identity_registration recipeJohn Dewey
2013-08-08modified the depends openstack-metering versionjiehua jin