AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-07Updated tox.ini added .gitreview fileHEADmasterLuis Daniel Castellanos
2016-09-01Merge pull request #11 from ediardo/regionsDrawerldcastell
2016-09-01Added Regions 'drawer' to show hosts in regionLuis Daniel Castellanos
2016-08-26Merge pull request #10 from ediardo/addRegionsTableEddie Ramirez
2016-08-26Added regions resource table to the Inventory panelLuis Daniel Castellanos
2016-08-26Directory for i18nEddie Ramirez
2016-08-25Merge pull request #9 from ediardo/change_panel_ordeEddie Ramirez
2016-08-25Reordered panelsEddie Ramirez
2016-08-23Merge pull request #8 from ediardo/JSUnitTestsBaseldcastell
2016-08-23Add JavaScript unit tests code baseLuis Daniel Castellanos
2016-08-17Merge pull request #7 from ediardo/AddDashboardPanelldcastell
2016-08-17Move the panel dashboard outside of the project sectionLuis Daniel Castellanos
2016-08-16Merge pull request #6 from ediardo/removingPEP8errorsEddie Ramirez
2016-08-16Removed the docstrings from the start of fileRevon Mathews
2016-08-16Removed PEP8 errorsRevon Mathews
2016-08-15More files to ignoreEddie Ramirez
2016-08-15Merge pull request #5 from ediardo/unitTestingEddie Ramirez
2016-08-15[WIP] Added code base for unit testing and code refactoringLuis Daniel Castellanos
2016-08-09Merge pull request #3 from ChristopherMSpencer/masterEddie Ramirez
2016-08-09Added some files and stuffChris Spencer
2016-08-09Merge pull request #1 from ediardo/testpe2Eddie Ramirez
2016-08-09dummy testEddie Ramirez
2016-08-09added testEddie Ramirez
2016-08-09Added travis conf fileEddie Ramirez
2016-08-09Updated enable files and install instructionsEddie Ramirez
2016-08-04Added base methods and classes for APIEddie Ramirez
2016-08-04Added base .gitignoreEddie Ramirez
2016-08-04Added regions panelEddie Ramirez
2016-08-03Initial StructureEddie Ramirez
2016-08-03Initial commitEddie Ramirez