AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-18adjust gpg infoHEADmasterndparker
2015-10-18bump version1.0.12ndparker
2015-10-18update benchmarks againndparker
2015-10-18only add newline if there was a return\n beforendparker
2015-10-18update benchmarksndparker
2015-10-18fix return\n/regex/ without bang commentsndparker
2015-10-18update benchmarksndparker
2015-10-18maintain changelogndparker
2015-10-18adjust C code for return\n/regex/ instancesndparker
2015-10-18adjustments for return\n/regex/ instances (where \n needs to stay)ndparker
2015-10-18first attempt adjusting the C code to handle bang comments properlyndparker
2015-10-16update python code to deal with bang comments everywherendparker
2015-10-15add sandbox test examplendparker
2015-10-15update benchmarksndparker
2015-10-15adjust c code to match the python codendparker
2015-10-15add mask bit for post-regex-offensive tokenndparker
2015-10-15skip slimit completely, cannot install it anymore for some reasonndparker
2015-10-15document changesndparker
2015-10-15copyright updatesndparker
2015-10-15adjust poser regexes and subber functionsndparker
2015-10-15add challenging javascript to benchndparker
2015-10-15fix match to consider auto-semicolon-insertion after regexndparker
2015-10-14number the groupsndparker
2015-10-14cleanup rjsmin.pyndparker
2015-10-14cleanup chartable generatorndparker
2015-10-11adjust gpg infondparker
2015-10-11Merge branch 'master' of
2015-10-11fix handling of packages without dev revisionsndparker
2015-10-11fix handling of packages without dev revisionsndparker
2015-10-11add pypy3 supportndparker
2015-10-11try fixing the issue presented in
2015-10-11bump versionndparker
2015-10-11update benchmarksndparker
2015-10-08benchmark updatesndparker
2015-10-06remove python max restrictionndparker
2015-03-19use unicode docstringndparker
2015-03-15some cleanup, some docsndparker
2015-03-15use curses APIs as intendedndparker
2015-03-08more python3 adjustmentsndparker
2015-03-06a few py3 adjustmentsndparker
2015-03-03adjust versioning schemendparker
2014-11-16maintain changelogndparker
2014-11-16lift pypy max restricitions. This fixes PR #3.ndparker
2014-11-16add pypy3 supportndparker
2014-11-16try fixing the issue presented in
2014-11-16add pypy3 supportndparker
2014-11-07update gpg verification infondparker
2014-11-07bump version1.0.10ndparker
2014-11-07adjust ebuild for recent gentoo pythonsndparker