AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-23Add LICENSEHEADmasterBerker Peksag
2015-08-08Revert "Skip execution of filename encoding test on Py3"Berker Peksag
2015-08-05Skip execution of filename encoding test on Py3James Page
2015-08-05Try to run tests in Python 2.6Berker Peksag
2015-08-05Add unittest.main() call to test_traceback.pyBerker Peksag
2015-08-05Add .travis.ymlBerker Peksag
2015-08-05Issue #24710: Use cls in TracebackException.from_exception.Robert Collins
2015-08-05Issue #24695: Fix a regression in traceback.print_exception()Berker Peksag
2015-03-09Handle unicode paths more thoroughly.1.4.0Robert Collins
2015-03-09Try harder to show unicode lines in SyntaxErrors1.3.0Robert Collins
2015-03-09Unbreak handling of syntax errors with no line.1.2.1Robert Collins
2015-03-09Handle filenames that can't be decoded to unicode.1.2.0Robert Collins
2015-03-09Handle objects with broken __unicode__1.1.0Robert Collins
2015-03-06Time for Collins
2015-03-06Fixe test when running with .pyc files.Robert Collins
2015-03-06Issue #22936: Make it possible to show local variables in tracebacks.Robert Collins
2015-03-06Remaining fallout from 17911Robert Collins
2015-03-06Fix brownbag in issue 17911 commitRobert Collins
2015-03-06Issue #17911: traceback module overhaulRobert Collins
2015-03-06Supporting boilerplate.Robert Collins
2014-11-24Fixes for the test suite on PyPy.0.0.1Robert Collins
2014-11-24Python2.xify the code base.Robert Collins
2014-11-24Handle missing __traceback__ in tests for < 3.xRobert Collins
2014-11-24Handle absence of __context__ and __cause__ on < 3.xRobert Collins
2014-11-24Handle different type repr in < 3.2.Robert Collins
2014-11-21Fixes for 3.2 - qualname and exception suppressing.Robert Collins
2014-11-21Fixes for 3.3.Robert Collins
2014-11-21Port trunk traceback module to standalone w/3.5.Robert Collins
2014-11-21Ignore .eggs as well.Robert Collins
2014-11-21Basic boilerplate.Robert Collins