AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-25Release version 1.3.0HEADv1.3.0masterBrian Waldon
2016-06-25Run python develop in TravisBrian Waldon
2016-06-25Better error message on __setitem__ failure (#22)Victor Costan
2016-06-25Update HACKING.txtBrian Waldon
2016-06-25flake8 complianceBrian Waldon
2016-06-25Use py.test and flake8 in Travis CIBrian Waldon
2016-06-25Allow a resolver to be set on the ModelDavid Johnson
2016-06-25Implement copy magic methods on ModelAlex Turek
2016-06-25Setup Travis CI configBrian Waldon
2015-10-12bump version to Waldon
2015-10-12Merge pull request #19 from graingert/patch-1Brian Waldon
2015-10-02Support universal wheelsThomas Grainger
2015-08-03Merge pull request #18 from wackywendell/masterBrian Waldon
2015-06-22Test naming schemeWendell Smith
2015-06-22Optional nameWendell Smith
2015-06-22Use python 3.4Wendell Smith
2015-05-11Merge pull request #17 from jacquerie/issue-13Brian Waldon
2015-04-13Compare JSON strings as JSON instead of strings.Jacopo Notarstefano
2013-10-12Merge pull request #12 from apevec/masterBrian Waldon
2013-10-10LICENSE.txt was missing in the source tarballAlan Pevec
2013-09-14Merge pull request #11 from isethi/validationBrian Waldon
2013-09-06Add description to exception messagesiccha.sethi
2013-07-23Add python3 supportChuck Short
2013-06-28Update version to Waldon
2013-06-28Merge pull request #8 from dirkmueller/masterBrian Waldon
2013-06-22jsonschema 2.0.0 passes unit tests as wellDirk Mueller
2013-04-26Bump version to Waldon
2013-04-26Trigger DeprecationWarning in Model.changesBrian Waldon
2013-04-26Modify jsonpatch dep to >=0.10,<2Brian Waldon
2013-03-25Bump version to Waldon
2013-02-25Merge pull request #5 from saschpe/masterBrian Waldon
2013-02-25Allow jsonschema<2.0 too.Sascha Peilicke
2013-01-31Bump version to Waldon
2013-01-31Update README with JSON Patch exampleBrian Waldon
2013-01-31Move HACKING to HACKING.txtBrian Waldon
2013-01-31Add license headers to source filesBrian Waldon
2013-01-21Update version to Waldon
2013-01-21Relax jsonpatch dep to >=0.10,<=0.12Brian Waldon
2013-01-21Rename Model method validator to validateBrian Waldon
2013-01-21Adding documentation of Model methodsBrian Waldon
2013-01-21Made validator inheritable by base classes.Rob
2012-12-22Break up core pieces into separate modulesRob
2012-11-26Bump version to Waldon
2012-11-26Use jsonpatch to provide a JSON patch documentBrian Waldon
2012-11-26Allow delattr and del operationsBrian Waldon
2012-11-19Update README to reflect exception outputBrian Waldon
2012-11-19Bump version to 0.6.0Brian Waldon
2012-11-19Add helful text to ExceptionsBrian Waldon
2012-11-19Update jsonschema dep to >=0.7,<1Brian Waldon
2012-10-09Bump version to 0.5.0Brian Waldon