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masterChange openstack-dev to openstack-discussLeopardMa12 days
0.5.0commit bd7e1b0bf0...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
0.4.0commit bbc01e3510...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
0.3.0commit ba1288637e...OpenStack Release Bot13 months
0.2.0commit 62677f8df1...OpenStack Release Bot22 months
0.1.0commit ec6995f82e...Thierry Carrez3 years
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12 daysChange openstack-dev to openstack-discussHEADmasterLeopardMa
2018-10-29Delete created zone in recordset validation testsPavlo Shchelokovskyy
2018-10-18Merge "Re-enable tests that were disabled due to bug #1623576"Zuul
2018-10-15Merge "fix tox python3 overrides"Zuul
2018-10-13Merge "Use new tempest option to verify redirects"Zuul
2018-10-01fix tox python3 overridesDoug Hellmann
2018-10-01Re-enable tests that were disabled due to bug #1623576Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson
2018-09-30Fixing python 3 support for pep8 and docErik Olof Gunnar Andersson
2018-08-31Merge "Add test for quota set for invalid project"Zuul
2018-08-21Add test for quota set for invalid projectPavlo Shchelokovskyy