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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-17Fix Fedora version checkEric Harney
2018-01-16Merge "Allow all versions of Fedora"Zuul
2018-01-15Allow all versions of FedoraEric Harney
2017-12-04[manila] allow cephfs-nfs driver to store ganesha exportsRamana Raja
2017-10-17Conditionally install python3 packagesMatt Riedemann
2017-10-16Merge "Add python3-rados and python3-rbd so services can run under py3"Zuul
2017-10-09Force pip install update of PasteDeploymelanie witt
2017-10-06Add python3-rados and python3-rbd so services can run under py3melanie witt
2017-08-16setup ceph-mgr daemon for luminous rc and greaterRamana Raja
2017-08-03[manila] revert to latest Ceph kraken for cephfs-nfs driverRamana Raja
2017-07-12Merge "Remove keystone pki_setup"Jenkins
2017-06-28manila: install latest luminous packagesRamana Raja
2017-06-23Remove keystone pki_setupEric Harney
2017-06-13Disable compute shelve testsEric Harney
2017-04-13Merge "Update list of supported Fedora releases"Jenkins
2017-04-12Update list of supported Fedora releasesLee Yarwood
2017-04-06Add support to setup CephFS NFS-Ganesha driverRamana Raja
2017-03-28Explicitly call ceph-create-keys after MON startRamana Raja
2017-03-19manila: install Ceph for Ubuntu trusty or xenialRamana Raja
2017-03-01manila: install Jenkins built Ceph packagesRamana Raja
2017-02-10Disable swap-volume in tempest when ceph is usedMatthew Treinish
2017-01-17Fix *-ceph-* job for manage snapshot tests failureghanshyam
2016-12-01Fix disk size default settingsJens Rosenboom
2016-11-29Create backing disk using $VOLUME_BACKING_FILE_SIZEMatt Riedemann
2016-11-21Use "-c ${CEPH_CONF_FILE}" in cleanup_ceph_remoteTom Barron
2016-10-21Merge "add support deploying containerized ceph"Jenkins
2016-10-20add support deploying containerized cephSébastien Han
2016-10-04Revert Ceph RBD to Hammer-release default featuresJason Dillaman
2016-09-19Merge "Deploy radosgw as glance backend"Jenkins
2016-09-19Merge "Add Debian support os support, for Jessie and sid"Jenkins
2016-09-16Deploy radosgw as glance backendAnton Arefiev
2016-09-15Support multiple arch, replace hard-code of x86_64Kevin Zhao
2016-09-15Add Debian support os support, for Jessie and sidKevin Zhao
2016-08-19Merge "change repo url"Jenkins
2016-08-18Merge "purge repo file when unstacking"Jenkins
2016-08-18Merge "Fix radosgw keystone authentication"Jenkins
2016-08-18Merge "Add rhel7 os support"Jenkins
2016-08-18purge repo file when unstackingSébastien Han
2016-08-18change repo urlSébastien Han
2016-07-29Don't always override CINDER_* env variablesPatrick East
2016-07-14Use opt in package repo mirror in gateClark Boylan
2016-07-06Add rhel7 os supportEinst Crazy
2016-07-01Support systemd and ceph versions >= 9.2Tom Barron
2016-06-30Fix radosgw keystone authenticationAnton Arefiev
2016-06-20Enable multiple ceph filesystems for manilaTom Barron
2016-06-17Fix settings for CephFS data and metadata poolsTom Barron
2016-06-10Merge "Use ${CEPH_DATA_DIR} everywhere"Jenkins
2016-06-10Merge "Fix restack problem with libvirt secret"Jenkins
2016-06-10Merge "Update the supported Fedora releases"Jenkins
2016-05-28Use ${CEPH_DATA_DIR} everywhereTom Barron