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2018-07-03fix tox python3 overridesHEADmasterNguyen Hung Phuong
2018-01-29Drop py34 target in tox.iniNguyen Van Trung
2017-10-23Add trivial changePetr Kovar
2017-10-17Merge "update the retention policy for queens"Zuul
2017-10-10update the retention policy for queensDoug Hellmann
2017-08-22modify some misspellingsliangcui
2017-07-25switch to openstackdocsthemeDoug Hellmann
2017-06-27Add glossary decision to doc-migration specAlexandra Settle
2017-06-23add a point about subdirectory index.rst filesDoug Hellmann
2017-06-23a few clarifications to the doc migration specDoug Hellmann
2017-06-21Adds spec for migrating the documentation suite to project reposAlexandra Settle
2017-06-16Fix html_last_updated_fmt for Python3melissaml
2017-04-20Merge "Adds spec for unifying the themes used on"Jenkins
2017-04-20Merge "Add spec for updating and publishing tools documentation"Jenkins
2017-04-20Adds spec for unifying the themes used on docs.openstack.orgAnne Gentle
2017-04-18Merge "Allow building with python3"Jenkins
2017-04-18Merge "Remove unused modules"Jenkins
2017-04-14Allow building with python3Andreas Jaeger
2017-04-11Move administrator guide to project reposjohnsom
2017-04-11Fix sphinx warningsMonty Taylor
2017-04-11Remove unused modulesAndreas Jaeger
2017-04-11Add spec for updating and publishing tools documentationBrian Moss
2017-03-03Merge "Revise the Architecture Design Guide for Pike"Jenkins
2017-03-03Revise the Architecture Design Guide for Pikedaz
2017-03-02Enable sphinx warningsAndreas Jaeger
2017-03-02Update requirementsAndreas Jaeger
2017-02-13Adding Archiving specLana Brindley
2016-12-26[ha-guide] Proposal to improve the HA guide for Ocata/PikeAlexandra Settle
2016-12-26Skip docutils 0.13.1KATO Tomoyuki
2016-12-01Merge "Update content to using Latex from rst2pdf"Jenkins
2016-11-29Merge "Changed the home-page link for docs-specs"Jenkins
2016-11-29Merge "Show team and repo badges on README"Jenkins
2016-11-28Merge "[arch-design] Revise the Architecture Design Guide"Jenkins
2016-11-28Merge "[ops-guide] Link to project upgrade notes"Jenkins
2016-11-28Update content to using Latex from rst2pdfSeongSoo Cho
2016-11-25Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco
2016-11-24[ops-guide] Link to project upgrade notesdaz
2016-11-21[arch-design] Revise the Architecture Design Guidedaz
2016-11-19training-labs: Rewrite training-labs in pythonPranav Salunke
2016-11-15Fix Spelling Mistakezhouyunfeng
2016-11-04Update requirementsAndreas Jaeger
2016-10-26Use openstack command to replace other commandsqiaomin
2016-10-24Changed the home-page link for docs-specsshashi.kant
2016-09-23Merge "Adds a spec to build PDFs as Ocata goal"Jenkins
2016-09-12Merge "Add Release chapter to Contributor Guide"Jenkins
2016-09-12Merge "[CG] Release notes guidelines"Jenkins
2016-09-08Adds a spec to build PDFs as Ocata goalIan Y. Choi
2016-09-06Add Release chapter to Contributor GuideLana Brindley
2016-08-30Merge "Adds specification to improve glossary usage"Jenkins
2016-08-22Merge "Adding a specification for consistency edits across the User Guides"Jenkins