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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-08change calls from neutron cli to openstack cliAndrey Pavlov
2018-03-24synchronize default vpc creation across threadsAndrey Pavlov
2018-01-10fix DB migration for MySQLAndrey Pavlov
2017-10-11fix for awscli in create_configtikitavi
2017-08-11Merge "Use botocore in API instead of boto"Jenkins
2017-08-10Use botocore in API instead of botoAndrey Pavlov
2017-07-07Remove code that used nova-certtikitavi
2017-07-05fix register_image functiontikitavi
2017-06-15turn on disable_ec2_classic in devstack installationtikitavi
2017-06-07add using cache to metadatatikitavi
2017-05-24fix ec2-api after deprecation of nova-network functions in novaclienttikitavi
2017-04-26fix rally scenariostikitavi
2017-04-19use glanceclient version '2'. fix keystone error message.Andrey Pavlov
2017-03-06switch on vpnaas for ec2-apiAndrey Pavlov
2017-02-28turn on disable_ec2_classictikitavi
2017-02-06Typo-fix: occured => occurredAnh Tran
2016-12-07use 'strongswan' package for vpnaasAndrey Pavlov
2016-12-01try to fix stages problem of devstackAndrey Pavlov
2016-09-19Merge "rework creating admin context - use keystoneauth1 lib"Jenkins
2016-09-16rework creating admin context - use keystoneauth1 libAndrey Pavlov
2016-09-12add link to download devstack in README.rsttikitavi
2016-08-10use another params for upload-bundleAndrey Pavlov
2016-08-10restore configuring bundled image in s3Andrey Pavlov
2016-04-12fix experimental pipeline with post_test_hook.shAndrey Pavlov
2016-03-17remove using euca2ools in install scriptAndrey Pavlov
2016-02-11update devstack plugin scriptAndrey Pavlov
2016-02-01rework accessing keystone resourcesAndrey Pavlov
2015-12-21Fix 'unstack' scriptAndrey Pavlov
2015-12-17Update run method of devstack servicesAndrey Pavlov
2015-12-15fix working with cinder API v2Andrey Pavlov
2015-11-17move config creation to devstack plugin scriptAndrey Pavlov
2015-11-09fix installing ec2api in devstack with USE_SSL=TrueAndrey Pavlov
2015-10-21Allow setting custom ec2api port to listen tohayderimran7
2015-10-18change 'stackforge' to 'openstack' in readme-sAndrey Pavlov
2015-09-08Merge "Use released novaclient in gating"Jenkins
2015-09-08Use released novaclient in gatingFeodor Tersin
2015-09-05Fix devstack plugin scriptFeodor Tersin
2015-09-04Merge "Honour API_WORKERS setting in devstack plugin"Jenkins
2015-09-04fix devstack plugin scriptAndrey Pavlov
2015-09-03Honour API_WORKERS setting in devstack pluginFeodor Tersin
2015-08-28add code for config generationAndrey Pavlov
2015-08-27remove installation of euca2oolsAndrey Pavlov
2015-08-10cleanup configsAndrey Pavlov
2015-08-08fix EC2_STATE_PATH initializationAndrey Pavlov
2015-06-26Use release candidate of novaclient w/ microversions supportFeodor Tersin
2015-06-24Update botocore client and use cloned novaclient for functional testsAndrey Pavlov
2015-04-08Merge "change s3 endpoint from nova to ec2-api for devstack"Jenkins
2015-04-07change s3 endpoint from nova to ec2-api for devstackAndrey Pavlov
2015-04-03temporary install euca2oolsAndrey Pavlov
2015-04-01Copy S3 server implmenetation from NovaFeodor Tersin