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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-05Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussmelissaml
2018-08-01up version for next releaseAndrey Pavlov
2018-03-18Remove intree ec2-api tempest testsghanshyam
2018-02-26up version for master branch due to queens releaseAndrey Pavlov
2017-09-01up version in master for next Q-cycleAndrey Pavlov
2017-02-17increase version for master branchAndrey Pavlov
2016-10-08up version in masterAndrey Pavlov
2016-09-16rework creating admin context - use keystoneauth1 libAndrey Pavlov
2016-04-21update from global requirements and up version for masterAndrey Pavlov
2015-11-19Update from global requirements and bump master versionAndrey Pavlov
2015-11-16Adopt functional tests to be a tempest pluginAndrey Pavlov
2015-08-28add code for config generationAndrey Pavlov
2015-04-15Update setup.cfg with release informationAndrey Pavlov
2015-04-01Copy S3 server implmenetation from NovaFeodor Tersin
2015-03-20Fix metadata setupFeodor Tersin
2015-02-07update test config before working with functional testsAndrey Pavlov
2015-02-04create scripts for devstackAndrey Pavlov
2015-01-23Create ec2-api-metadata console scriptFeodor Tersin
2014-07-18Initial EC2-API service commit.Alexandre Levine