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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysmove the email deadline for the train election out a few daysDoug Hellmann
2019-01-10Setup Train TC electionTony Breeds
2018-08-14Prepare Stein TC ElectionKendall Nelson
2018-07-25Set correct start for the timeframe.Tony Breeds
2018-07-18Prepare Stein PTL electionTony Breeds
2018-04-09Separate the TC and PTL electionsTony Breeds
2018-03-21Prepare Rocky TC ElectionKendall Nelson
2018-01-29Correct start date for Pike+Queens contributionsJeremy Stanley
2017-12-20Prepare Rocky PTL ElectionKendall Nelson
2017-10-05Update due to publishing issuesTony Breeds
2017-10-02Set configuration parameters for the TC electionTony Breeds
2017-08-02The tag name specified in the config doesn't match the governance repoTony Breeds
2017-07-12Prepare Queens PTL ElectionKendall Nelson
2017-03-29Prepare Pike TC electionTristan Cacqueray
2017-02-02Remove the past_elections configurationTristan Cacqueray
2016-12-21Prepare Pike PTL electionTristan Cacqueray
2016-11-09Refactor all parameters to configuration.yamlTristan Cacqueray
2016-11-09Refactor timeline structureTristan Cacqueray
2016-10-06Fix flake8 issuesTony Breeds
2016-10-03Extend TC election by 24 hoursNate Johnston
2016-09-14Add configuration.yamlTristan Cacqueray