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9project to stay as close to the common guidelines as possible. 9project to stay as close to the common guidelines as possible.
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11## Installation 11## Installation
12To add these rules to your project, follow these steps.
12 13
131. `npm install --save-dev eslint eslint-config-openstack` 141. `npm install --save-dev eslint eslint-config-openstack`
142. Add `extends: "openstack"` to your `.eslintrc` 152. Add `extends: "openstack"` to your `.eslintrc` yaml file
15 16
17## Approval Policies
19If you would like to contribute, please follow [OpenStack's contribution guidelines](
22#### Rules only land with consensus
23Patches that activate, deactivate, or modify rules, should only be merged if a consensus of
24reviewers is reached. In this case, consensus means at least five +1 votes, with no -1 votes. Cores
25may not override and/or ignore -1 votes.