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2016-10-21Fix the gate npm docs failureDong Ma
2016-08- Elwell
2016-08-05Upgraded eslint to 3.0.0Elizabeth Elwell
2016-07-29Added config with ES2015-only rulesVitaly Kramskikh
2016-06- Krotscheck
2016-03-16Merge "Upgraded eslint to 2.4.0"Jenkins
2016-03-16Merge "Upgraded eslint to 1.10.3"Jenkins
2016-03-16Merge "Upgraded eslint version"Jenkins
2016-03-16Upgraded eslint to 2.4.0Michael Krotscheck
2016-02- Krotscheck
2016-01-11Upgraded eslint to 1.10.3Michael Krotscheck
2015-11-23Upgraded eslint versionMichael Krotscheck
2015-11-13Upgraded eslint versionMichael Krotscheck
2015-10- Krotscheck
2015-09-21Updated eslint to 1.2.1Michael Krotscheck
2015-08- Krotscheck
2015-08-21Merge "Locked down version of js-yaml"Jenkins
2015-08- Krotscheck
2015-08-06Updated eslint version to 1.0.0Michael Krotscheck
2015-08-06Locked down version of js-yamlMichael Krotscheck
2015-07-31Relaxed eslint peer dependencyMichael Krotscheck
2015-07- Krotscheck
2015-07-15Added homepage for QA.Michael Krotscheck
2015-07-15Added launchpad as issues page.Michael Krotscheck
2015-07-14Switched git repository in package.jsonMichael Krotscheck
2015-07-14Moved js-yaml to dependencies.Michael Krotscheck
2015-07-021.1.0Michael Krotscheck
2015-06-23Initial CommitMichael Krotscheck