AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-04Change LOG.warn to LOG.warningHEADmasterzhangguoqing
2015-12-14Merge "Add workflow ForeignKey for ticket"Jenkins
2015-12-14Add workflow ForeignKey for ticketlawrancejing
2015-12-14Merge "Add workflow list unit test in db layer"Jenkins
2015-12-14Merge "Add workflow creation unit test in db layer"Jenkins
2015-12-14Merge "Add ticket list test in db layer"Jenkins
2015-12-14Add unit test about context in commonzhangguoqing
2015-12-14Add workflow list unit test in db layerlawrancejing
2015-12-14Add workflow creation unit test in db layerlawrancejing
2015-12-14Add ticket list test in db layerlawrancejing
2015-12-10Add etc/evoque/evoque.conf.samplelawrancejing
2015-12-10Remove version from setup.pylawrancejing
2015-12-08Add etc and tuning the config-generatorzhangguoqing
2015-11-26Merge "Refactor evoque models"Jenkins
2015-11-26Merge "Add evoque functional tests skeleton"Jenkins
2015-11-25Refactor rpc servicelawrancejing
2015-11-25Add evoque functional tests skeletonlawrancejing
2015-11-25Refactor evoque modelslawrancejing
2015-11-20Support workflow listlawrancejing
2015-11-19Support workflow creationLiuqing Jing
2015-11-11Add pecan app testlawrancejing
2015-11-11Merge "Refactor DB unit test"Jenkins
2015-11-11Refactor DB unit testlawrancejing
2015-11-11Merge "Add one assert expression for test_ticket_create"Jenkins
2015-11-11Rename rpcapi to ticket_apixuan.mingyi
2015-11-11Add one assert expression for test_ticket_createlawrancejing
2015-11-10Add DB unit test framework and db_api.ticket_create() unit testlawrancejing
2015-11-10Add ticket list REST APIlawrancejing
2015-11-10Add keystonemiddleware.auth_token to evoque-config-generator.conflawrancejing
2015-11-10Keystone auth supportlawrancejing
2015-11-10Merge "Add MySQL-python to requirements"Jenkins
2015-11-10Merge "move to common"Jenkins
2015-11-10move to commonlawrancejing
2015-11-10Return {'ticket': ticket} while creating ticketlawrancejing need to executelawrancejing
2015-11-10Add MySQL-python to requirementszhu.rong
2015-11-10Merge "Update license file in directory evoque/tools"Jenkins
2015-11-10Merge "Refactor Evoque API"Jenkins
2015-11-10Merge "Move service to common"Jenkins
2015-11-09Add translation support for evoquelawrancejing
2015-11-09Refactor Evoque APIlawrancejing
2015-11-09Move service to commonlawrancejing
2015-11-09Move i18n to commonlawrancejing
2015-11-09Update license file in directory evoque/toolslawrancejing
2015-11-09Refactor evoque enginelawrancejing
2015-11-03Add osprofiler to requirements.txtzhu.rong
2015-11-08Add Evoque enginelawrancejing
2015-11-08Generate config file in project directory, so we could findlawrancejing
2015-11-05Add Evoque model frameworklawrancejing
2015-11-05Add evoque version info from pbrlawrancejing